March 18, 2008

Contests, Contests, Contests & Why I Hate My Feet

My dear, lovely friend Z at Autobiography of my Feet challenged me. Well, not me specifically. She created a contest for her readers about their feet. Why they love them, or in my case, why they hate them. She's having (or, at this point, has had) surgery on her foot today. It's happened before. This is nothing new to her, yet she still likes her feet. Even after all the trouble they've caused her.

Me? I hate feet. If you know me, you know this about me. I don't like my feet, I don't like other people's feet. The only feet I've ever LIKED are my children's. In fact, I LOVE their feet. Especially when they're baby feet. Tiny, sweet, never touched dirt, never been infected with some nasty fungus, baby feet. I can still tolerate Dylan's feet because they're still little. His toes are weird and his toenails grown down, into his toes, instead of out, but all in all, I still like his feet. Yet, I'm sure, a few years from now, the time will come when even his feet will gross me out.

Zach's feet, of course, are still tiny and adorable and perfect. He thinks it's funny when I pretend to bite them and they're very ticklish. He finds his own feet endlessly entertaining, which is another reason I like them because they give me the occasional opportunity to put him down without him even realizing I'm gone. Dylan's feet are useful to have around as well, since they're the tools he uses to entertain himself for HOURS in the backyard riding his bike. He's a stellar bike rider, and this would not be possible without his funny Fred Flintstone feet.

My feet you ask? They're funny shaped and I have arthritis in my left big toe. It hurts and has seriously inhibited my high heel wearing ability. It's stupid.

So, that's my pathetic story about feet. I couldn't NOT join in on Z's contest as that would make me a sorry excuse for an internet friend, but if she'd asked for reasons we like or hate wine or President Bush, I could have written a MUCH more interesting post. Those are things I'm passionate in my loving/hating (in that order).

On another contest note, I WON something! The beautiful Lulu of Lulu's Laundry Blog had a contest about Outback for a $25.00 Outback gift card. And I WON! ME?! How awesome is that? Wallaby Darned's look out, I'm on my way!

Now I'm off to mother. Zach woke up with hives this morning, and although they've since cleared up, his crummy mood has not. It's pathetic. Oh look, he's playing with his feet.


jennifer h said...

Ditto all this. It's so funny, the things that put us off.

HRH said...

ya, I need pictures.

(I feel totally safe asking since I know it would gross you out to post them)

I need pictures now.

EatPlayLove said...

Preaching to the choir here. I loathe feet, except for my girls, the most adorable feet in the world. Not quite sure what that's all about. Suppose I could pay a therapist some big money to figure it out.

Cathy said...

Oh...I hate feet too. Except for my baby's feet.

slow panic said...

am i wierd that i neither like nor hate feet?

JCK said...

I'm not big on feet either. I love getting massages, but actually don't like the act of receiving a pedicure. But, I love the look AFTER it is over! LOL

And I adore my children's feet.

Z said...

YAY for entering the contest!

And why is it that most people either love or hate feet? Veyr few seem ambivalent... Odd...