March 22, 2008

I "Know" So Many Famous People

Okay, so maybe "know" is a teeny, tiny stretch. Maybe I should have said I "know of" so many famous people.

Today for you, I have two confessions and also a double dose Tivo Alert. I know, I know. I spoil you. Truly.

So let's get started.

1) I watch the Today Show. Every day. Except Monday & Friday because I leave the house before the show even begins, but every other day, including Saturday & Sunday, I watch it. And, I like it. Are you gasping? Turning away from your computer screen in horror? Before you shake your head and erase me from your Google Reader, let me give you a few "excepts":

  • I can't stand Ann Curry
  • Meredith Viera bugs me sometimes too. Not as much as from her "The View" days. But that's another story all together and I'll share that with you at another time.

A few reasons I like what I see:

  • Tiki Barber

Okay, that's just ONE reason, but it's enough. And MORE than makes up for the uber-annoying Ann Curry and mildly-annoying Meredith Veira. Oh, and I like Giada DeLaurentis. And Natalie Moralis. And Lester Holt and David Gregory and Amy Roebuck.

And, the reason I know of famous people and am talking about The Today Show- Stefanie from Baby on Bored is going to be on the show this Tuesday! She's been battling some major Post Partum Depression lately, following the early birth of her twins, but somehow still finds a way to be funny (she is a stand up comedian after all) and to promote her new book "Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour." So yay for Stefanie!

2) I am obsessed like to watch the Food Network.

Like, ALL the damn time. Serisously. ALL. THE. TIME. Right now, even. Giada's on (see above). I particulary like the regular joe, joe schmoe* shows. Like Food 911, Rescue Chef, Throwdown With Bobby Flay, or when they do the chef profiles. I watched them all. Did you know that Giada had a brother who died? Or that Sandra Lee is ridiculously rich** because she created all these crazy decorating things when she was younger? Or that her parents abandoned her and she was raised by her Grandmother but then had to raise her siblings herself so that's where she got all her Semi-Homemade cooking ideas from? You'd know that if you'd watched the chef profile shows. You would. Really. You would.

Which brings me to another famous person I know of, Amalah, who in real life is known as Amy Storch. Did you know that? Did'ja? Did'ja?

Anyway, she and her husband were duped into being judges on Mother Fucking Throwdown with Bobby Flay***! I KNOW!!!! How awesome is that? Her husband, Jason, created and edits a food blog, aptly named DC Foodies.****

*Did any of you watch (a few years ago now) The Joe Schmo Show on Spike TV? It was a "reality show" that was completely staged except for this one guy who thought it was totally real. It was AWESOME. If you ever see it, watch it. You won't be disappointed. I promise.
**This claim is unsubstantiated. The profile of Sandra Lee in no way said she was ridiculously rich, but it was inferred.
***This is not the ACTUAL title of the show. In reality, it's called "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" but in this instance, Mother Fucking Throwdown with Bobby Flay works so much better.
****I could TOTALLY start my own blog, called Santa Maria Foodies, but I've actually seen lists where the top rated restaurants in my town were Applebee's, Marie Callendr's and Olive Garden, to name a few. Sad, isn't it?


Loralee Choate said...

I love Food Network. I am very fond of the Brit Chefs (LOVES me some Jamie and Nigella)

I adore Ina Garten (Her laugh and "How bad can THAT be, heh heh heh" get a bit old)

Z said...

If I watch the news in the morning, I, too, watch the Today show. Just because it's what my parents watched and so it feels like "home" to me... Weird, I know.

But Food Network? Sorry, not so much for me. I think it's because I'm afraid if I start watching, it will suck me in...

JCK said...

I LOVE a woman with a good mouth on her. Or is there REALLY "A Mother Fucking Showdown" show?

I am quite impressed with your "name dropping", Missy Celeb!

jennifer h said...

I do go through obsessive periods of watching HGTV. Though eventually I get depressed that I have neither the skills or the money to do even half of the stuff they do.

Maybe I should switch to the Food Network. Food is cheaper than decorating.

Christy said...

I don't watch any of the show you watch. Not even one. Of course, cooking is my arch enemy.

HRH said...

You can NOT like Giada...please. These are reasons not to like her from blog-Stedman:
1. she smiles too much
2. she talks to you like you are in 3rd grade
3. she states super (I added the super) obvious things like and I quote, "you could save this extra cheese in the refridgerator"
4. he doesn't have a problem with this in fact he mentions it is one of her few redeeming qualities...that she only wears low cut tops that show her boobs.

I am actually giving you a preview into one of my potluck topics for Monday...wooo aren't you lucky and special...but I was just listening to XM radio today that runs some of the food network shows. I think that is seriously ridiculous because you obviously only now there is no smell, no taste and no sight. I hate to break it to them but that doesn't translate well to radio...

You are like one of those tabloid reporters only of the blog persuasion...

EatPlayLove said...

I love the food network, although sandra lee pisses me off with all her matchy matchy crap. I think it's a little over the top that her shirt and kitchen accessories match every damn show.

how about Top's my new must see tv.

Rebecky said...
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