May 8, 2008

AllMediocre or MediocreMomBlogs?

I kid you not. I'm totally serious. I need opinions. And advice. Does AllMediocre cross some sort of copyright infringement line? If I ask nicely will GuyK let me use it without suing my ass for all I'm not worth? (Here's some background if you missed my post a few days ago)

See, here's the problem:

AllMediocre is funny because it copies Alltop, and therein lies the problem. It copies Alltop. MediocreMomBlogs removes the whole Alltop copying thing, but it doesn't have the same ring to it. PLUS, MediocreMomBlogs sounds kind of mean if you don't know the original idea was AllMediocre. And it all sounds stupid if you're reading this and are like, WTF is Alltop and what in the hell is she talking about today? And who's this Dooce person?

Anyway, give me your thoughts. I'm not above emailing Guy K and asking if he'll kindly let me rip-off Alltop so I can make fun of it and myself a little.

Oh, and on a whole other topic...does anyone out there know anything about starting a website (on the $4.32 I have budgeted for it)? KThanks.

And OH! P.S. I'm going out with my MOMs Club friends tonight to a Chocolate Buffet. YES...I just used those two words in the same sentence. And there's a person's whose JOB it is to DIP your pound cake/strawberries/bananas FOR YOU. Mmmmmm....I'll see you back here tomorrow 35 pounds heavier and oh so very happy.


Z said...

I vote AllMediocre because I'm not a mom yet and I want to participate! :)

Jennifer H said...

I vote for AllMediocre. Write that letter to Guy NOW.

Have fun at the chocolate buffet. That sounds freaking amazing.

Quart said...

I don't know . . . There is a lo-hot of law-speak on Alltop. They must have spent all their money on lawyers because the website is terrible. I hate the banner (maybe because I hate puns).

Could you call it somethinng like "TotallyMediocre" or "CompletelyMediocre?" That would probably hold up better in court.

Loralee Choate said...

I have no idea. I am still waiting for the Looney Tunes people to show up and sue my ass.

Sarah said...

I'm with the AllMediocre crowd!!!

I can tell you where to buy a domain for less than $7, but the hosting is trickier. The place I use is the least expensive I've found, and their customer service is wonderful. (we're talking $60/yr...and friendly, fast customer service)

If you want more info, email me

EatPlayLove said...

AllMediocre, only if I can be sworn in! There's a big chocolate hoop-la in Denver tonight as well, that some moms club friends are going to!

Jen said...

Have you tired emailing Guy and asking to be included on Alltop? I'm on it and I'm a great big nobody in the blogosphere. (Although now that I've admitted that I'll probably be kicked off.)

No matter what, I think AllMediocre is a great idea.

Krissi said...

We own a server (that has been hosting our own sites for years) that we're in the process of opening up to others to host on... for maybe a few bucks a month. A domain costs about $7 so even though it's a bit more than the 5 bucks you have budgeted, I might be able to help.

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver said...

I'm pretty sure anyhow that AllMediocre fits in with right of parody laws (my husband's business deals with this a lot). The only bad thing about right of parody is still someone bigger and richer can sue the pants off of you and put you out of business even if you're right. But since I think I read elsewhere you got the ok from the Alltop guy (which was a smart way to do it) you should be fine! I think it's funny you're doing that--good luck with it!

JCK said...

You are too funny. More energy than anyone I read.

Having my own chocolate buffet here, thank you very much.