May 7, 2008

I Have Questions For You...

Did y'all see what happened here the other day? You prob'aly din't. (I have NO IDEA why I just typed that sentence that way, I just felt like it.) Anyway, BOSSY left a comment. You know...BOSSY. I almost spit out my iced tea when I saw her name pop up. I haven't been able to delete the email that says "Bossy has left a comment..." because it's just. too. awesome. If you're not sure who Bossy is, you don't know what you're missing. My sister, though, apparently knows who Bossy is.

As her comment on my recent post points out, and I quote: "That was pretty funny, but I still think I enjoyed Bossy's reenactment of the Oprah/Cruise interview more . . ."

WHAT.EV, Biatch. In her defense she asked me yesterday if that was "In poor form" or something like that. As in "Should I NOT have linked to a blog that I think is funnier than yours on a day when you were attempting to post something funny?" Ya think? But, it IS a funny post and it IS Bossy, so I let it slide. Just this once.

In other commenting news, my idea for AllMediocre seems to be receiving a lot of support. And by a lot, I mean that half of you (the ones not already listed on Alltop) thought it was a GREAT idea. And one of you even offered to defect. I think you were just being nice, but I'll take it anyway. I'll have to put some thought into this whole crazy idea. You all thought I was being all tongue-in-cheek and self-deprecating...just you wait, my friends, just you wait. I've got plans...big plans.

AND, in other, "I've Got Plans, BIG Plans" news, did I mention that I'm not going to BlogHer and that it makes me shed a tear or two every time I think of it? Especially since it's a hop, skip & a jump away for me? Gah! I have an idea for that as well. But it's just an idea so far and if it ends up being just as expensive as actually going to BlogHer it won't end up happening. And I want to go to the People's Party, damn it. There're going to be awesome people there. Damn. I hate missing out on a good party. Plans, people, I've got plans. Oh, and if any of you are driving up the 101 to get to San Francisco, you're welcome to come over and hang out. Or use my bathroom, or whatever. I'll even clean it for you.

Now for my questions:

1) Are you going to BlogHer?
2) If so, would you be willing to participate in a drinking game dedicated to me?
3) Do you read Dooce?
4) If so, you read this. If not, go read it. (I realize that's not a question)
5) Did you see her on the Today Show today? Did you want to slap Kathy Lee too?
6) Do you ALWAYS want to slap Kathy Lee & today was no different?
7) I'm in need of song suggestions to add to my IPod. So...what 4 songs, in your opinion, can my IPod NOT live without? It's heavy with Colbie Caillet and Leona Lewis. I need some music from peeps who's first & last name start with different letters. You know, just to change it up a bit.

And I leave you with this video of Zach. He's a mover and a shaker now and is quite determined to get at what ever toy (or TV remote) catches his eye. He also makes this really funny face when he's excited and breathes really fast out of his nose, which makes a funny noise. It's adorable and makes me want to nibble on his cheeks every time.


Tootsie Farklepants said...

It's official. There is no reason for toys. All my kids would have rather played with the remote when they were little too.

Zach still makes "coo" sounds and it got my ovaries all weepy.

Quart said...

Can you add another question?

8) Which was funnier: Eddie Izzard or Bossy's Tom/Oprah reenactment?

Tootsie - those "coos" are the very reason I'm gigantic right now. I heard them over the phone when he was born and was knocked up 2 weeks later. Just a heads up!

Z said...

1) Are you going to BlogHer? Nope. Nope nope nope :(
2) If so, would you be willing to participate in a drinking game dedicated to me? Will do even though I'm not there! ;)
3) Do you read Dooce? Yup, yupiity yup yup
5) Did you see her on the Today Show today? Did you want to slap Kathy Lee too? No, I was at work and have no TiVo... But I always want to slap Kathy Lee, so...
6) Do you ALWAYS want to slap Kathy Lee & today was no different? YES
7) I'm in need of song suggestions to add to my IPod. So...what 4 songs, in your opinion, can my IPod NOT live without? Um... No Ipod is complete without some classic Madonna. I also love me some Cascada, Dave Matthews, and the Juno Soundtrack... Um, yeah, I've got some odd musical taste ;)

PS. While I love me some Bossy, I love me some MomTwoBoys, too :)

A Mom Two Boys said...

Tootsie: Have I introduced you to my toy bin? Obsolete.

Quart: I GET it...Bossy's post is funnier. Will you stop rubbing it in? And to clarify...TRAVIS is the reason you're gigantic right now.

AND HELLO?! NO ONE'S answering my questions! IPOD people! IPOD!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Okay...Z snuck in there as I was adding my own comment.

Thanks for answering my questions! I KNEW you were my IBFF for a reason!

Anonymous said...

My God, he almost makes me want another...nahhhhh...I'll just ooh over yours. ;)
No BlogHer for me until they come to Denver. Someday...
iPod...I'm so the wrong person to ask. I listen to a lot of podcasts cause they're free. As for music, I live in a cave. Seriously. I have no clue who's hot and what's crap. Please help. ; )

Grandmaother said...

Did you know that on iTunes you can look up celebrity playlists?
You could, at this very moment, get ideas from Kelly Ripa and Raven-Symone.

Jennifer H said...

Geez, you're bossy. Well, not THE Bossy, but you know what I mean.

1. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet 2. "Falling Slowly" by The Frames
3. "Flyin'" by Emerson Hart
4. "4th of July" by Shooter Jennings. How's that for a diverse list?

For the rest of your list:
1. Not going to BlogHer (sniff)
2. Yes
3. Sometimes I read Dooce
4. No, missed it
5& 6. Always want to slap or strangle Kathie Lee
7. Covered it already.

Is there a prize now for all that work? Oh, yeah, the drinking game. Or that video, which was so freakin' cute.

Cathy said...

1) No.
2) I would if I was going.
3) Yes.
4) Read it already.
5) Yes. And Yes - she totally misquoted that newsletter.
6) I don't normally watch that last hour of the Today Show.
7) Hmmm...I have some songs from Wicked and Moulin Rouge on mine that I love to listen to while walking. Other than that - it's filled with stuff my good friend gave me - but I have no idea who or what it is.

papa-oomau-al said...

RE: IPod -- I'll send you some Tristan Prettyman. I think you'll like her.

Feener said...

yes i wanted to hit kathy lee. idiot.

wow, bossy, that is way cool

1234 - fiest
anything by shakira from dirty laundry
green day - holiday
skynard - sweet home alabama

Angie said...

Not going to blogher because I figure it is not fair to use our family's vacation budget for, like, 3 years on MY ONE trip. Plus it would feed my current "this blog is taking over my life" frenzy I have been trying to kick.

Don't read Dooce for the same reason as above.

I don't click on all your links for the same reason as above.

IPOD - I gott have some U2 AT ALL TIMES. That is my age showing through, though (36). I also love some Norah Jones or Natalie Merchant for the chilling out times. If I am working out, I need some stupid dance songs like the ones you hear during TV time outs at a sporting event. (ex - Who Let the Dogs Out gets my feet moving faster on the treadmill)

Another note - Zach is just too cute. I mean that. My kids both did this cheesy huge smile at around 10 months. They would breathe real big through their nose, too. You can't nibble his cheeks, though because he might BREATHE on you.


HRH said...

1. nope
2. nope but yep
3. nope
4. nope but yep
5. nope but yep
6. yep
7. i got nothing but I do like that new song by Duffy...Mercy.

And I am so on AllMediocre...just say the word.

EatPlayLove said...

Lollipop by MIKA (Life in Cartoon Motion)
Say You Will by Ben Harper (Lifeline)
Put it On Me by Ben Harper (Lifeline)
The Blower's Daughter by Damian Rice (O)


you know, I could have sent you Lifeline, when I mailed your pkg, silly! Doh! did that arrive?

Amanda said...

One of my favorite songs right now is by a band called "Gomez" and its called "How We Operate". Fantastic. :-) and also "Sugar" by Dan Wilson (he used to write for the Dixie Chicks)

Anonymous said...

Just read Bossy for the first time, and then I came over here and I can totally understand your excitement.

New hits for the iPod? Matt Car Crash and Come On Get Higher.

My answers to your other questions would be altogether boring, so how about this one instead: Did you fall off the couch when Eric actually handed over that immunity necklace? Why yes, AMTB, I did! This has got to be the best season of Survivor ever. And BTW, if you haven't checked out the Ponderosa videos on they're worth wasting time on.

JCK said...

You better get your ass to BlogHer. Your friend Bossy will be there, too.