May 12, 2008

Gah! A BABY!

I HAVE A NIECE! A NIECE! And she's perfect, and beautiful and...OMG. It's killing me, KILLING me that I can't see her right now. Right now, this very minute, I want to see her and give her kisses and buy her cute, adorable, pink flower-y things.

Oh...and remember the whole naming debacle? She has a perfect name as well. Naomi Louise, after her paternal grandmothers. Which is totally fine, because their 1st born son was named after his maternal grandfather. Share & share alike, right?

SO, sweet little Naomi came into the world tonight following lots of drama. The best laid plans for a fun Mother's Day were rudely interrupted by a rear-ending, followed by a trip to the hospital for monitoring, followed by some signs of labor, followed by no signs of labor, followed by full-on labor induction, followed by an epidural, followed by HOURS of waiting around for SOMETHING to happen. And then it did, and all 6lbs, 4 ozs of perfect-ness arrived. Aww...I'll share photos when I've got some non-goopy ones to share. You're welcome.

On another front, I've somehow managed to TOTALLY fuck up AllMediocre! And it's only been TWO days! T.W.O. DAYS! I think that's an all time record. Hopefully I can figure that out tomorrow. Because right now? Right now I'm off to bed.

Oh, and if The Bachelor (which I haven't watched until tonight BTW) picks the blonde girl, I'm going to throw up.


Terri said...

Congrats Courtney! We are so excited and happy for you, although wish the actual giving birth had been a little easier on you and not involved a traffic accident. We can't wait to see pictures of Naomi. -Terri

Z said...

CONGRATS to Quart and little Naomi! Sooooo exciting!!! :)

Feener said...

congrats..check out my giveaway for a perfect gift for your new niece. don't worry bout the site, you will clear it up, you got lots going on !!!

Jennifer H said...

Congratulations! New babies are such delicious news. Was she born on Mother's Day, or did it take longer than that?

As for the Bachelor? I am throwing up right along with you. Seriously, what is wrong with this guy? I had such high hopes that he would make a good choice, or at least a choice that made sense. It will never last.

Melody said...

Congrats on your famliy's new little girl! Those are pretty rare around our family as well!

Btw, I'm loving the concept of Allmediocre! Thanks for htinking of it!!

Madge said...

congratulations on the niece. i LOVE new babies.

and don't worry about all mediocre. it'll all work out.

Anonymous said...

A girl! Pink! Lace! Frills! ;) What's that like? LOL!

HRH said...

I love the name. She did good. I am glad everything turned out so well after such a dramatic entrance. I like that about her too. Entrances should always be dramatic.