February 10, 2008

You Never Even Call Me by My Name- A Guest Blog

My sister needs some help from you, Innernets! A call to action. Well, not really, but a call for help from a pregnant lady. Will you help a girl out?! I know you've got opinions and you're not afraid to share 'em.


Hello. I am Meg’s sister and you may be aware that I am expecting a little girl in a few months. I have something I need to get off my chest and Meg has kindly offered to let me utilize this forum.

You see, we are having a terrible time choosing a name for our new baby. Actually, that’s not quite true, we’ve had a very easy time narrowing our choices down to three contenders. The difficulty we’re having is selecting an appropriate NICKNAME for the baby. My husband and I, we’re big on nicknames. And on not using first names as names. He’s “William Travis” (yes, he’s from Texas), but has ALWAYS been called Travis because his parents were terrified people would call him “Willie.” I am “Courtney,” a name that was chosen specifically because it could not be shortened. That was until, as family legend has it, my grandfather strolled into the hospital to meet me and said “Hey, Court.” It obviously stuck.

Travis and I decided to brave the elements and name our son “William,” but we have been very clear that he is to be called “Will.” Not “Billy” or “Liam.” Not because we don’t like those names, we just really like “Will.” We like it so much that I tracked down the only birth announcements I could find that spelled out right away that “William Theodore” was to be called “Will.” See? Aren’t they cute? That’s obviously not Will, that’s Mack, but I ordered them 2 years ago from a different computer so I can’t show you the actual announcement, but you get the idea. They were from Tiny Prints.

So here we are with three adorable little girl first and middle names in front of us and all we can talk about is “But what will we call her?” It’s the first question out of our mouths every time a new name comes up. (NOTE: due to the fact that Travis and I insist on being over-the-top secretive about our potential names none of the following examples are even close to the ones we’re discussing).

“What do you think of ‘Anita’?” I’ll ask.

Travis will answer, “Hmmm. So would we call her “’Nita’?”

For real. I do it too. We do it EVERY TIME. And the kicker for us right now is, our (er, MY) very favorite name just happens to have NO WAY to shorten it. It doesn’t. I’ve googled “’Name’ nickname” and nothing comes up. And it’s driving us crazy. We love this name but we can’t get past the fact that there’s no nickname for it. We’ve even worked through the possible initial abbreviations (such as, “’Theresa Camille/ but we’ll call her ‘TC’”). If only my grandpa were still here to stroll into the hospital to say “Hey ‘New baby nickname’.”

So, are we crazy? Have any of you suffered through this? You’ll probably say “Suck it up, Quartney, and call her by her full name.” We might just do that, but it will take the next 3 to four months for us to come to terms with that. And if you’re a betting mom, I’d put my money on reading an announcement here in the near future that reads: “Baby ‘Blah Blah’ has arrived. They’re calling her “BB.’”

Dazed and Confused
Dylan & Cousin Will on Kissmas Morning

Court (Quart) and Me on my wedding day

Margaritas at lunch! Champagne at our hair appointment! More Champagne for pictures...

It's a miracle I made it down the aisle.

Grandmaother & Trav-Dog, T-Bone, Trav

That's me & my dad in the background


grandmaother said...

Why don't you just tell me the three names and I'll pick the best one?!
Anything to help.

Loralee Choate said...

You could always call her a completely different nickname, you know. One that has nothing to do with her name.

I come from a family that nicknames EVERYTHING. I have a James a Christopher and a Matthew. I am absolutely RIGID that their names not be shortened at school.

But? They all have nicknames. They just don't have anything to do with our names. Sometimes it sticks outside of family, sometimes not.

If I ever get a little girl? I've always wanted her nickname to be "Flip" (It's a long story Basically, I think it's cute.)

I wouldn't not choose a name just because it can't be shortened.

Allison said...

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A Mom Two Boys said...

I'm with Grandmaother - tell us and we'll tell you which one we like best. Just for you, I'll even make it a poll on this here very popular blog. See how generous I am?

My other question, since I'm pretty sure you won't go with my above suggestion, is this:
Do you still like that name best, without a nickname possibility, above the nicknamed other ones? Does that make any sense?
See why I let you blog today and kept myself out of it?

Patty said...

Grandpa also nicknamed Eric. He used to call him "Big E". To this day, all of Eric's friends call him "E".
No matter what you name your baby, a nickname will emerge.

Rebecky said...

Being a nickname myself (and having tried, unsuccessfully, to switch to the more formal, professional "Rebecca" when I started working), I have mixed feelings on this. Obviously child #1, Sarah, is just Sarah - no nicknames there. Andrew, on the other hand, has about sixty different nicknames (okay, two main ones - Andy and Drew), but we are determined to keep it Andrew until he's old enough to come up with something else (this in spite of my father-in-law's best efforts to refer to him as "Drew" since the day he was born).

We went round and round and round about a girl's name for #2 - obviously a lot of wasted effort. We decided on the middle name first - Ruth, in honor of Dennis's late grandmother. Nice, right, but try finding a first name that works with it. We decided on Katherine, but would have called her Kate. The whole time we had this discussion, I wanted to just name her "Kate" but "Kate Ruth" sounds stupid (apologies to any Kate Ruths out there).

So, no real advice - just good luck! But if you name her Rebecca, please just call her Rebecca and let her (or her friends) shorten it later in life if she wants to. It's sometimes hard to be taken seriously as a Becky.

(BTW - Meg - the word verification I have to type for this post is "rlshtlds" - all I can think of in light of all of your poop-related posts is "real sh++ loads." Thanks.)

HRH said...

I am glad you are thinking about this because I always felt cheated that I didn't have a nickname growing up except for "Hall" which really is more of a connection between rooms then a nickname. I will have to agree with loralee about choosing a random nickname that you like to call her that doesn't reflect her real name or choose a middle name that has a nickname you like? I don't know...the whole world of GIRL is foreign to me!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

My mother chose my name thinking there'd be no nickname. But there is and everyone but her uses it. LOL!

Be Inspired Always said...

Nicknames are fun. My kids have nicknames and I even find myself calling them that. It's because I hear it so often. They even have a nickname for me. Although it's embarrassing so I won't tell it here.

They heard their father say it way to much!

(Thanks Honey)


JCK said...

I think that the nickname will reveal itself after the baby is born. :)And you can see what her personality is like

Quart said...

Thank you so much, everyone!! I hadn't really thought about a different nickname emerging, but that is an excellent point. I wanted to call her "Tootsie Farklepants" but that name is already taken!!

Now I'm even more torn because you've convinced me that the nickname doesn't matter and I have to look at the first names in a whole now light!

I am certain that Meg (who I used to call "Meghan," by the way) will keep you all up to date. I knew I could count on you, loyal readers!

Z said...

First, love the pictures!!!

Next - my nickname came not from my own name, but from the name I would have been called had I been a boy. Which then got shortened even further, to just Z. So? Nicknames? Can be random.