February 11, 2008

A Photo Essay of My Life

I totally copied this from Vintage Thirty, who copied it from Lulu. The rules, to quote Tootsie Farklepants, who was quoting Lulu, "for this meme are (and to quote Lulu herself): "to answer the questions below using only pictures found online (only the first page of results)." Got it?

1) The age you will be at your next Birthday. As Dylan would say, It's a BIG one!

2) A place you'd like to visit. MMMMM....food & wine...mmmmmm

3) Your favorite place. Never get to go. sigh...weep4)Your favorite object. Without it, where would the G-Wine Posse be?

5) Your favorite food. All the food groups. Kinda.

6) Your favorite animal. Have I mentioned this before?

7) Your favorite color. Really. Just look at my carpet.

8) The city in which you were born. Or so I'm told.

9) The town in which you live. Excuse me while I go get a BIG glass of wine...

10) The name of your pet.

11) The first name of your love. He'll be so proud.

12) Your nickname/screen name. WTF?

13) Your middle name. Again, WTF?

14) Your last name. Holy Hell, it's DJ!

15) A bad habit of yours.

16) Your first job. AWESOMEness.

17) Your dream job. But not with him.

18) Your current job. I AM hot!

19) A picture you find hilarious. Poor dog.

20) Something that inspires you. Hell YES WE CAN!

Now, get busy to do this yourself. It's fun! And TIME CONSUMING. Excuse me while I go feed my child. I think he'd appreciate it.


Slow Panic said...

oh, i'm glad you did that meme -- too funny -- and to much work for me.

A Mom Two Boys said...

SP- It was fun..and is stil keeping me entertained. Or, is that the wine?

Either way, it was WELL worth the time and effort. Just don't ask my kids.

Lulu said...

Your screen name and middle name are awesome.

I'm assuming that you like wine. A lot.

HRH said...

Yeah! I did that too today. I am hoping to actually do some mommy things to make up for the neglect that the 2 hour photo hunt caused. I can't believe you found a picture of DJ--that is crazy--you guys are so google-cool.

jennifer h said...

This is very cool.

Wine is good.

Christy said...

Very cute. If I get time, I might do this meme.

EatPlayLove said...

Very impressed..I will link to you if I can muster up the creativity for this one!

JCK said...

A cow? Another cow? Yes, better go get that wine, girl. And who are those "ladies"?

This is too funny. I think I must do soon.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

OMG! You're not even THIRTY?!? SHUT UP!

That dog is totally being violated by some bandit.