February 16, 2008

Write Me A Love Letter, Pre-School Style

Reasons Why I Can't Wait for Dylan to Be A LITTLE* Bit Older:

1) From Plain Jane Mom

2) From June Cleaver Nirvana


4) From Greeblemonkey (for some reason, I can't link directly to the post, but you can find her here.)

*This, in no way, implies that I want him to grow up quickly. I. DO. NOT. I'm just looking forward to the time when he can make me laugh with funny stuff he writes, or with funny stuff other kids write to him.


Erika Jurney, Plain Jane Mom said...

Dear A Mom Two Boys: I Lick You.

HRH said...

I lick u to.

Loved them all although I never did find Greeble monkeys...but that just may be me.

HRH said...

I'm back because I left here to go to "And then Sum" because I am going alphabetically through my reader and came across this that you might enjoy:


She has 3 boys too.

Angie said...

I'm glad you licked my post. I licked all of the ones you linked. Thanks for the additional blogs to stalk. Just what I have time for. Sorry I haven't commented in a couple of days. Had company, but still found time to lurk in my reader. I just love seeing how many times you post in 24 hours. Hope everyone is feeling better. Sick babies SUCK! Sick mommies SUCK WAY WORSE! Take care!

Cathy said...

I love those! When I was student teaching in kindergarten I had the class make a book. Each child had to complete the following, "I saw a ____" and it had to be something they might have seen walking in the woods. My favorite? "I saw a beer." Yum!