February 17, 2008

Some Randumb Stuff

And yes, I know random is spelled incorrectly.

  1. Quart, this is for you. It's too late to call you and I'm afraid I'll forget (again) but it totally makes me think of your guest post. Swistle has created a new blog, dedicated completely to baby naming quandries. Maybe, sorta, kinda helpful?
  2. I have taken the leap and decided to commit myself to participating in Make Me Laugh Monday. See? I even added the button to my sidebar. It's actually perfect timing, as I'm changing my schedule and will be going to Santa Barbara on Mondays now (instead of the usual Tuesday) so this will give me an opportunity to prepare my post ahead of time. Kinda like I do on Friday. I will most certainly be using other people's material as putting the pressure on myself to come up with something funny may just be too much.
  3. Dylan is back to pooping in a diaper. I can't handle the stress of FIGHTING with him about going on the potty, so I've given in and am letting him use the diaper for that ONLY. Even through his little illness he did a SUPA FAB job of peeing on the potty, even out in public. Now, I'm back to dealing with Zach's shpoop. He's got whatever little bug Dylan had and, although he's (at this point) not nearly as sick as Dylan was, he's got somethin' nasty happening in his diaper. Poor kid. It looks something like it did in the picture from this post, although the most recent diaper was green and EVERYWHERE. See, aren't you glad I share these things with you? How would you survive if I didn't? Really.

So, yeah. I guess that's about it. Let's recap, shall we?

  • Swistle created a new blog dedicated to baby naming quandries
  • Check back tomorrow for something to make you laugh. Every time I see it again I think it's funnier than the last time.
  • I continue to share entirely too much about my children's poop. Yet, you keep coming back. I'm not sure what to think about that.


Bananas said...

Woohoo! I can't wait to see what you have for tomorrow!

JCK said...

What would we write about besides ...POOP!

Quart said...

The baby name blog is AWESOME!! I don't like any of their current poll choices, though . . . I am going to be bugging the crap out of them. About other people's names, not my kid's, because my nosy family will be stalking it to see what names we're considering. You know who you are!

Jen said...

You said poop. Heh.