February 6, 2008

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hi! Hi there! How are you today? Have you recovered from my diatribe excessively wordy, riveting, spell binding post from yesterday? Oh, good. I'm glad you're still with me. Did you vote? Did ya? Good. I don't care who you voted for (well, maybe a little) so long as you voted. Oh, and as long as, no matter what your political/candidatial (yes, I just made that word up) affililation you watched the "Yes We Can" video I linked to yesterday. If you somehow missed it, I've conveniently added it to my side bar. It's over there. ------>

Okay, now on to the things you REALLY come here to read about. My kids and their poop. It won't be ALL about that, but I'll throw some in for good measure. Don't worry, there won't be any photos of it. And, since yesterday's post was so long and paragraph-y I'm going to do you a favor and write today's post all list-y. Lucky you. You can thank me later.

1) Angie at KEEP BELIEVING gave me an award this week! Wow!

This is what she had to say about it:

I have so many blogs that I read just about daily, so I thought I would send this on to one I have more recently discovered. This one is for A Mom Two Boys. I read her daily for several reasons, not the least of which is obvious - she also has two boys. In addition, she writes EVERY DAY and sometimes LOTS of times a day about whatever amuses or bugs her. Even though we differ greatly on our political and social views, she cracks me up with mer daily musings.

Were you all aware that not EVERYONE agrees with my political & social views? I know! I'm as shocked as you are. I like to think of myself as her Daily Dose of Liberalism. I take my duties very seriously.

2) I'm going to pass it along to someone I have also recently discovered and have shared with you before, Autobiography of My Feet. The colossal amounts of drugstore merchandise that she and her husband have stockpiled is (or is it are?) awe inspring, as are her mad photography skilz. Be sure to check them out here.

3) Dylan pooped on the potty yesterday. Mainly because I refused to put him in a diaper and he simply COULD NOT HOLD IT IN ANY LONGER. It took approximately 827 trips and MUCH screaming and crying before it happened, but IT HAPPENED!

4) Luckily, no one showed up for Baby Playgroup. I was not at all prepared, being as I'd spent the entire morning going back and forth to the bathroom with Dylan. It went something like this: "Mommy, I have to poop" while crying, jumping up and down, walking bow-legged, and holding onto his tushy. Me: "Okay, let's go!" Him: Sits on potty, cries and says "I don't want to go poop. I want to go pee." Me: "You can't substitute one for the other. Just poop." Him "NO, I don't want to go poop." Seriously. We did this no less than 15 times before he finally, miraculously let one drop. Nice mental picture, right? So, I made a BIG deal out of it and we flushed it and said "Bye Poop" and all that jazz. It was awesome. And then it happened again a few hours later. Today? He's said he had to go once, but refused to sit down on the potty. So, we're hanging out at home until he goes. I'm not giving in and putting a diaper on him to go to Target.

5) Because no one showed up for Playgroup, I have a bunch of cakemix doughnuts left over. I think I'll save them and contribute them to June Cleaver Nirvana's next Monday Morning Potluck.

6) Since so many of you asked, after reading this post, I do not know what ended up happening. The dispatcher took the information, asked me LOTS of questions I could not answer, and told me that the police in the area would be "on the lookout" for the douchebag. She did not use the term douchebag, although that would have been awesome.

7) If I am ever witness to a crime, I will be of absolutely NO assistance. I didn't see what kind of truck it was (Whate, Crew Cab is apparently not good enough. They want Make & Model, DUH), what the license plate was (I tried to see it, but my eye sight is so bad, even with my glasses on, that I couldn't read it).

8) I just heard this story on the national news. Dude. What the hell is wrong with people? AND, to make matters worse, it's NOT EVEN GOOD BEER! What the Hell?

9) Dylan is still referring to his p*nis as his "peanut." It's funny for now, but I imagine in the near futue we'll have to start correcting him or this could lead to MUCH embarassment in his teen years.

10) Zach is still cute and adorable and cuddly. But, he's starting to really piss me off. Ever since he's graduated to eating "people" food he thinks he's allowed to have whatever he wants. He does not understand that just because he can eat rice cereal, oatmeal, squash, sweet potato and peaches that that does not mean he can eat an everything bagel with cream cheese, red wine, coffee or the occassional cakemix doughnut. We've had many a near tragedy with bagels, wine glasses and cups of coffee almost hitting the floor. I used to be able to snack while he was breastfeeding. I can't any more. He will not eat. He tries to get at whatever I'm eating and gets frustrated. So do I.

11) It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy and IT IS A BIG DEAL. I just HAD to get that in here. That Friends episode was on the other day and we decided that it may very well be the funnies 2 minutes of television ever.

That or when Ryan Stiles was a foal being born on Whose Line Is It Anyway.

12) Okay, the phone JUST rang with the news that Baby Girl #3 has JUST ARRIVED! Like 24 minutes ago! So, welcome into the world little Eva.


Kesler Crew said...

OMG! That Whose Line Is It Anyway clip is too funny! As always, thanks for the good laugh. :)

Z said...

OK, first - THANKS!!! :)

Second, how long did you have to wait to get to Target?
Third, that beer thing? WOW. People can do some unbelievable things sometimes...
I could go on, but I think I'll skip a few and end with: fourth, CONGRATS on the new little girl in the family!!!
Oh, no, I do have one more to add - those triplets are adorable! :)

z said...

PS. In case you were wondering about the change in my name, for some reason wordpress is being funky right now and won't let me sign on :(

Quart said...

You fell asLEEP? That's one of my favorite scenes ever - and that's saying a lot. I want to know if you went to Target too!

HRH said...

Thanks for the Monday contribution...you know I can use the help. I totally knew what you were talking about the foal on WLWIA? and it was great to see it again...although I laughed so much that now I am coughing, but it was worth it. Hey, where is my daily dose of liberalism? I am not leaving without it...

Angie said...

Funniest Ryan Stiles clip ever and he totally made that show.

My daily dose of liberalism. Hilarious. Yesterday's dose was too big for me to swallow. I gagged. I think I even threw up a little. Just kidding. Maybe it is just me, but I actually hate that Yes We Can clip. I like the speech and the thought of it, but it annoys me to hear them all talking over each other. He is definitely a good speaker, but MAN OH MAN he is one of the most liberal candidates EVER! I am just uber conservative in my political beliefs. Got it from my dad, but we had many the argument when I was a young 20-something change-the-world girl. He just always told me when I started paying my own taxes and taking care of my own expenses I would change my views. He was dead on. A lot comes from my spiritual/religious convictions, too, though. ANd is it just me, but doesn't it seem like ANY PERSON fit to be president and commander in chief should have been REQUIRED to have some sort of military experience? I don't see how anyone be head of the country without having been part of the units that protect us at some point in time. I think it is one of the only ways you can effectively make that difficult decision whether or not to engage in wars and conflicts.

Congrats on the poop. I hate talking about poop. I don't know why. I think it is because everything with my 4 and 6 year old now turns into toilet talk. I am constantly saying "no bathroom words" or "hey, watch your mouth" to them. Saying poop totally changes when it goes from cute baby diaper changings to potty training to foul-mouthed little mongrels.


A Mom Two Boys said...

KC- Isn't that clip hilarious? Ha. Cracks me up.

Z- You're welcome! You deserve it!

Quart - I knew you'd enjoy it.
HRH- It's seriously one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Seriously.

Angie - See, we can agree on some things!
Oh, and Mitt Romney & Mike Huckabee have no military experience under their belt, so are you going to vote for McCain? :0)

Angie said...

That's my point. They all suck!