February 16, 2008

Not To Be Depressing

The end of the story. So sad. But, hopefully not the end. Hopefully the asshole who did this will be caught and appropriately punished, although I'm not sure what would be appropriate. Death by painful, awful, excruciatingly horrible means seems too good. Maybe fully awake, pain med free castration (S.L.O.W.L.Y.) would help, but still not be enough.

On another note, and another local story, this is a bit more uplifting (I know, I know, three people died, but Frankie is amazing, as are her rescuers. Let's try to concentrate on that and we'll have a silent moment for the three people killed in the crash, including her best friend Talia). I'm desperately trying to find the video, but am having no such luck. The written word just doesn't do the story justice. Anyway, Frankie is awesome and the Panamanian men who rescued her are also awesome. I heart them. If I find the video I'll let you know.

I have not a creative, original thought in my head. I think dealing with sickie Dylan for the past few days has finally caught up with me. He's 1000% better, just as Zach starts to cough. GREAT. Really freakin' great. Hopefully tomorrow I can come to you with something to say, but for now, no such luck.

Oh, I am toying with the idea of participating in Absolutely Banana's Make Me Laugh Monday campaign. I'm just hopeful I can do it justice. We'll see.

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jennifer h said...

Be safe where you are, and take some precautions. Hopefully, they will catch him soon, and horrible things will happen to him.

The other news story is amazing, in that the girl survived. So sad, still.

Good luck with the other sick little guy now. Isn't it exhausting when they're sick?