February 11, 2008

Let Me Rub Your Head For Good Luck

Okay, so I SWORE (to myself) that I'd leave it alone for a while. You'd heard enough, I'd written enough, and we all have other, more interesting things to think about. Like, what WILL my sister do with her baby-naming dilemma (see post below b/c I'm too lazy to link that right now)?

Then, two things happened.

1) Greeblemonkey wrote this post. And let's face it, "10 Reasons to Barack the Vote" is an awesome name for a post.
2) Mrs. Flinger wrote this post about, a) What the hell is a caucus? and b) The virtues of choosing a presidential candidate based on the prettiness of their hair.

So, my thoughts on the whole hair thing, as I outlined in my comment to her post are this:

"If I went with the whole hair thing, I’d have to go for Guiliani or Obama on the mere fact that they would spend the LEAST amount of time “primping” and the most amount of time “Commanding.” Edwards & Romney? Too pretty. No man, in my opinion, should use more hairspray than me. And I don’t use any hairspray. McCain? I CAN NOT condone the “comb over” no matter how inconspicuous it is. Hillary? The closer she gets to the White House, the more her hair starts looking like a “Helmet Head”, which, again, is something I can’t condone. I guess that means my actual vote correlated with my version of your hair thing. Maybe you’re on to something! Go Obama!"

If you were going to pick a Presidential Candidate based on their hair, who would you pick? For a cheat, be sure to check out Mrs. Flinger's post where she has a great array of Candidate Head Shots.


Loralee Choate said...

Hilary is looking pretty helmet happy.

However, nothing could be worse than the headband she was sporting in 1992. :S

Anonymous said...

Good point about the hair. Hillary's hair is getting frightening; she obviously doesn't do her own hair. Can we trust a prez who doesn't do his/her own hair? LOL

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

That is hilarious! I think I would have to go with Edwards. He's hawt.

And thanks for the props.