February 9, 2008

Oil & Water, Water & Electricity, Gasoline & Fire

All things that don't mix. Much like the two projects I decided to undertake today.

1) Finally getting my nails to look nice again. No more biting (thanks to Matt Damon & The Bourne Ultimatum which was NOT good for my "no nail biting" rule), no more dry, nasty looking cuticles, no more hang nails. On went the OPI Original Nail Envy which, in my book, is a MUST HAVE for healthy, strong, shiny nails. I committed to putting it on every day, cuticle oiling at night and lotion, lotion, lotioning during the day. All day. With my handy dandy Herbacin Kamille+Glycerine Hand Cream and my OPI I'd be good to go in a few short weeks. Plus, I vowed to start taking my pre-natals again. NOT because I'm pre-natal, but I am breastfeeding, so they're still necessary and they are GREAT for your nails. Am I right, or am I right? So is pregnancy, in and of itself, but I'm NOT going there any time soon.

2) I also decided to finally start working on the super fab, super long shelf my step-dad gave me at Kissmas-time. It's eventually going to hold all my fabulous new photos of my adorable new child, but before that can happen, it needs some re-vamping. Which begins, unfortunately for me, with sanding. LOTS of sanding.

Which, also unfortunately for me, is NOT good for someone who has just committed to making their nails super nice and purdy. My nails took the full force of some of the sanding. Fortunately for me, that mostly occured when I was hand sanding, not palm sanding, which is a whole other bag of worms. THAT would have hurt. Really, really hurt. On a positive note, it's a GREAT arm workout. GREAT. My post-baby upper arm flab will be gone in no time at all.

SO, on to other, much more interesting things. Dylan finally pooped on the potty this morning. Once again, there was much hemming and hawing, crying & screaming, but when it was no longer possible to hold it in, he went. I'm pretty sure I broke EVERY rule ever made when it comes to potty training toddlers, but being the awesome Mommy that I am, I videotaped some of our adventure. Unfortunately for you, my camera battery ran out before the conversation was over, but you'll get the idea. Notice how red & splotchy he is? That's from all the hemming, hawing, crying & screaming that had gone on up to this point.

Dylan Poop Conversation from AMomTwoBoys on Vimeo.

If this takes too long, just click on Dylan Poop Conversation...you know you want to.

I would also share a cute video of Zach the Crack Pear Fiend with you, but I've somehow misplaced my camera, which makes it somewhat difficult to transfer & post photos & videos. Wish me luck in finding it soon. Like, tonight.


jennifer h said...

Is it possible to wear gloves when you sand?

The best of us have turned to biting our nails while watching Matt Damon. In any movie.

Congrats on the potty victory!

HRH said...

You cannot sand after doing your nails! That will not work...at all...period (or 3)...!

Yeah for poop!

Boo for missing camera!

Are the two related?

Hmmmm...made you look in the bathroom.

Cathy said...

Oh my gosh - he sounds just like my son used to sound when we potty trained him. Sometimes he still whines about not wanting to go potty - as he dances around the living room and runs to the toilet.
Oh - and 80degrees there today? Seriously. Let's trade homes for a week - you could get your snow fix and I could get some Vitamin D. There's a great sledding hill not far from us...

Z said...

Hello from NM!!! I've finally found an internet connection ($10 a day in my room just isn't gonna happen) - feels like I've been gone for quite some time (even though it's only been 2 days) but now that I've gotten my Dylan poop story fix, well, all is OK in the world ;)