January 22, 2008

It's A...

Ghirl! No, that's not right. It's a Gurl! No, not that either...Um...how's it spelled again? Oh, GIRL!

My sister is having a GIRL! A what? A girl! Apparently they're what you can have that's not a boy and doesn't come equipped with a penis. Who knew?! I think you buy them pink, purple and flowery clothes. And you have to WIPE them a certain way, to avoid all their GIRLY parts. We've got a lot to learn. A. LOT. TO. LEARN.



Quart said...

Wow - a post about me!! Thanks, Meg!! One of my first thoughts was that potty training her would be easier than these damn boys, eh??

A Mom Two Boys said...

Are you Canadian now, eh? Girls are smarter by nature, so hopefully she'll be easier to potty train. Anything would be easier than Dylan is, though.

Angie said...

My sister is expecting and will find out the gender in the next month. You stole my post - at least what I HOPE will be my post! She has a 3 year old boy, I have a 4 and 6 year old boy. My sister in law has 3 boys. SO MANY P*NISES. We totally need estrogen in our lives!

HRH said...

I don't get it...what is that? Maybe it's because you are speaking Canadian?

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Congrats to your sis! Yay for vaginas!

(thanks for visiting my blog!)

Rebecky said...

Oh, dear Courtney, you are overly optimistic about the potty training matter. We'll talk.

A Mom Two Boys said...

Angie- sorry! Hopefully you'll get to post the same thing next month! Fingers crossed! Maybe it will be a girl b/c we're living parallel lives. I've got 2, my sis has 1 and my sil has 3. Weird.

HRH- I know...what IS that? I'll have to brush up on my Canadian speak.

TF- Vagina?! Gosh, I'd totally forgotten about that word, even though I HAVE ONE. Wow. Sad.

Rebecky- So, I guess that means Little Miss S. is not making life easy for you in that regard? Maybe when we come out to visit the new she-baby this summer we can lock them in a room together with a couple of potty's and see what happens.

Christy said...

Girls are great.

papa-oomau-al said...

There was no need
To shop for pearls.
We had a sea of boys,
And zero girls.

Now it’s time
To end this tome,
Thanks to two
X chromosomes.

Way to go, Quart!!

Rebecky said...

Okay, your comment totally reminded me of the Saturday Night Live "commercial" for the Love John or something of the same cheezy name that was a toilet for two people to use so that couples SO in love could share every one of life's moments. Creepy, even when not in the context of three-year-olds.

Hopefully by summer we'll be able to kick back with some celebratory margaritas and laugh about how stressed we were that our kids would never learn to pee and poop in the potty. (And that the words "pee" "poop" and "potty" had become so prominent in our daily vocabulary.)