January 2, 2008

Meghan Does Dallas Uppers PERKY in 2008

I'm going to start 2008 -granted a few days late, but cut me some slack--it wasn't FOOD POISONING, it was worse. Some sort of nasty, and when I say nasty I mean NASTY, virus--with a clean, organized house. At least as clean and organized a house as I will ever be able to accomplish. I'm starting today. I'm going to be happy & perky (a la Katie Couric-Today Show Katie, not CBS Evening News Katie). No more Miss Crabby Pants. Again, cut me some slack, the past few days have been rough. I'm not taking back anything I said about the Rose Parade. I still hate it.

Some explanation:
1) I know it was a virus because sweet little Baby Zach has a nasty case of baby diarrhea and he even threw up yesterday. He doesn't eat food (esp. Quiznos or Old Juan's Cantina) and all 37 Google recommended websites I read said that it's safe to breastfeed with food poisoning. So, Rotavirus, or some other bug, decided to wage a mean attack on our Posse. Again.
Clorox Anywhere and I are going to be best buds today and the worst enemy of The Bug.
2) Due to poor Baby Zach's spewing episode last night I took today off from "work" and sent Dylan down to spend the day with DJ and GP.
3) One less kid leaves me with an ENTIRE day to disinfect, clean, throw unwanted shit out, get rid of Kissmas, disinfect, put away laundry, do more laundry, disinfect, and go to the grocery store without having to use one of those godawful, ginormous kid friendly carts.

In an effort to ACTUALLY get stuff done today, I'm putting down the computer, actually turning it OFF, and getting in the shower. As FlyLady says (insanity, but it may just be my Resolution, without subscribing to the self affirming bulls*#t, etc.) I'm going to "get dressed to my lace up shoes, do my face, shine my sink" and get my shit together.

2008 is going to be my Year. I'm ready for it. Rubber gloves, scrub brush and all. After all, I do need the practice so that I can keep my HGTV DreamHouse clean. :0)

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HRH said...

I would be glad to forward you the now 88 unopened emails from FlyLady to sit in your inbox and mock you like they are doing to me. I guess I better go take a shower and shine my sink. I love the perky part. Really, a person can't be too perky.