January 23, 2008

Things I've Accomplished So Far Today...

  1. Fed Zach three times. 12:44am, 4:45am and 7:45am
  2. Wiped Dylan's nose 437 times. Approximately.
  3. Made 3 cups of coffee. Two for me, one for DJ.
  4. Played "Musical Baby" by moving Zach between 4 different seats/toys/swings.
  5. Made 1 1/2 PB&J sandwiches. One for me, 1/2 for Dylan.
  6. Made 1 cup of Chocolate Milk. For Dylan.
  7. Watched The Weather Channel "Local on the 8's" 437 times. Approximately.
  8. Looked out the window, to watch the SCADS of rain falling, 438 times. Approximately.
  9. Watched two episodes of "A Baby Story" on TLC
  10. Made a grocery list. Now I just have to remember to take it with me.
  11. Helped Dylan put together 2 puzzles. Two times each.
  12. Picked up 2 puzzles.
  13. Read & commented on 439 blogs. Approximately.
  14. Yelled at Tahoe 893 times. For real.
  15. **OOPS**UPDATED TO ADD:** Changed three diapers. Two pee, One Poop. In case you were wondering. **Just so you don't think I'm a neglectful mommy. I did change their diapers**

Shower, brush teeth, shave legs, etc. are sadly missing from this list. I must go do that now.


Anonymous said...

That's quite a list... And meanwhile I've, um, sat in an illegally parked car as it was getting ticketed?

Kellan said...

You have had a very busy morning - it would be interesting to see your whole day listed out like that - I bet it'd be a really long list!! Don't work too hard. Take care. Kellan

A Mom Two Boys said...

AMF- I haven't broken any laws today. At least none that I'm aware of. Or maybe a few fashion police laws, but no real police laws. Did the parking cop know you were in the car. That's funny. Did you take a picture?

Kellan- I thought about doing another post at the end of the day with updated info, but I think it would be a bit depressing, plus, if my husband read it he might divorce me. Heck, he might even divorce me after reading this post. I think I should go do some laundry. Or sweep. Or something, you know, productive.

HRH said...

I am so glad you are watching the weather every 10 minutes since you would never be able to tell onyour own that it is raining.

A Mom Two Boys said...

HRH- Oh, no you din't. You sound just like DJ. He's all "Why do you need to see the weather RIGHT NOW. Can't you just look out the window?" And to that I say
A) Suck It
B) It's about seeing the radar and ANTICIPATING what will happen next. Is the rain almost over, is there a huge dark green, or even yellow part coming our way? See? Get it now?
Gosh. Sometimes I think you people just don't get me. :0)

Quart said...

HRH's comment reminds me of the time Travis and I were watching Bush's inauguration and it was raining on CNN and we were like, "It's raining outside?" That's what they get for giving us the day off!!