January 16, 2008

We're Off to See the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Palm Springs

We're ready to go! We're packed, the boys are packed, the formula, bottles, blankies, diapers, clothes, clothes and more clothes are ready to go. Except for the last few items that are still in the washer. And all the stuff I have to USE tomorrow, so I can't pack it up until then. Aside from all THAT stuff, we're ready to go. I'm not feeling as optimistic as I was a few sentences ago.

I got Dylan's hair cut today. For those of you not familiar with the saga surrounding Dylan's hair cuts, I will give you some background. The kid didn't even have enough damn hair to warrant a hair cut until he was about 2. Then, it was all cute and curly so I kept it on the "long side of short" so it would be all blond and cute and curly. Every time we'd go to get his hair cut, I'd be specific and say "Just TRIM around the ears & the neck and leave the top, sides and back with some length." Then, they'd CUT his hair so short there was an OBVIOUS lack of curls. BLAK! It drove me nuts. But I kept taking him back to the same place, so I guess it's my fault too.
Anyway, as he's gotten older, he's started losing his yummy, adorable curls. Now it's starting to just look out of control and crazy. Like in this post. Love Sig, hate the hair. SO, I decided to suck it up and have his hair CUT. Like, really CUT. OMG, people, I HATE IT. I'm not even sure I can explain to you the depths of HATE I feel for his hair right now. It looks SO dopey, it's not even funny. It's way too short in the front and, it's just, it's just, I don't even know, I JUST DON'T LIKE IT. DJ thinks it's awesome. Dylan keeps asking "where's my haircut" like it was something we were going to walk out of the store with. Me? I keep saying..."WAAAAAA, what did I do? My baby's adorable, kinda curls are gone! What did I DOOOOO?" Ugh. At least it will grow back. Soon. I. Hope.

This is what he looks like now, all short haired (and stoned?):

And this is what he looked like two nights ago...still all shaggy, curly, unruly haired:

See how peaceful and laid back he was? Now he's gone from being a peaceful, laid back (Almost!) 3 year old to looking like a Wall Street working, Pot Smoking Dope. He just needs a briefcase and a bong and we'll be good to go. Anyone know where I can get a toddler friendly bong? Anyone?


AMomTwoBoys does not, in any way, condone the use of illegal substances for anyone, especially children. Unless it's purpose is to elicit a laugh. In which case, that's totally acceptable.

**End Disclaimer**

Now, if you're still with me, we're off to Palm Springs and our one night of no children. I don't even know if we'll know what to do with ourselves. AHEM. I'm bringing my computer and if I think I can get away with checking in, without causing my hubby to divorce me, I will. If not, I'll see y'all back here on Saturday!

Bon Voyage!


Angie said...

I think Dylan looks cute. My little guy had curls that I had to get cut off eventually for the EXACT same reasons. They never grew back. He has beautiful wavy short black hair, but no curls since right before he turned 3.
OMG! If you check in, I think I MAY DIVORCE YOUR BLOG! Go have fun on your ONE NIGHT OF CHILD-FREE FREEDOM. We will be here when you return!

HRH said...

I have the same problem with Reid's hair...too cute long and then when they cut it...ugh, all that cute surfer personality is GONE. I gotto go before AHEM, blog-Stedman finds a good lawyer...HAVE FUN! Don't worry too much so you can enjoy yourself.

Christy said...

He looks adorable! However, he would look even more adorable with a briefcase and a bong. I hope you have fun!

papa-oomau-al said...

It would be impossible for Dylan to NOT look cute, hair or no...Shave it all, then grow it long. Add a ponytail. Try a mohawk followed by a mullet. It wouldn't matter--you can't ugly up that boy!