January 31, 2008

If A House Is Clean and There's No One Around To See It...

Is it really clean?

I cleaned. I freaking cleaned. Actually, in the end I just ended up putting piles of sh*t into my bedroom and shutting the door. But, the REST of my house looks awesome. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

At least it did, before 6 pre-schoolers and their mothers descended upon my happy home for playgroup. It still looks good, don't get me wrong. Much better than it did, oh, a week ago, three days ago, even yesterday. It will just take a little more dedication to get it back to what it looked like at 9:59 this morning. Which is the moment I was done cleaning and, conveniently, one minute before the group started.

Now, my bedroom? That's another story, and always has been. It's my graveyard, so to speak. It's where I put stuff when I have no other place to put it. It's full of old maternity clothes, Dylan's books, Zach's Co-Sleeper (which he doesn't use, but I refuse to put away because I know as soon as I do, he'll get sick and I'll spend 45 minutes trying to figure out how to put the damn thing back together all the while he'll be sick and crying and DJ will be gagging and crying and I'll be cursing and frustrated and Dylan will wake up and the dog will come in and bug me...and do you see why I'm afraid to put it away?), my clothes, DJ's clothes, etc. It's my nemesis. It mocks me. It hates me. Especially right now. Especially since Dylan went in there after everyone left and dumped his Lincoln Logs out all over the only available floor space. It's my next big project, but I can't bring myself to even THINK about tackling that right now. So, I'm going to continue catching up on the most addictive show ever (save Lost, which, after tonight, will probably take the top spot again), October Road (did you just groan?) and tell you all about the exciting things going on in my life.

1) I made a yummy dinner last night. AND, it was from Cooking Light. There you go. Two of my new "things." Cooking every most nights and TRYING to make it healthy. Have no fear, it will be a Friday Recipe in the near future.
2) Dylan is doing really well with the whole potty thing. He protests having to use it - "No, I don't WANT to use the potty" all whiny and annoying- and then he pees, and he's all proud of himself. It's cute. No accidents for the past two days and we've even made trips out of the house. Poop? That's another story.
3) Is it weird that Armand Assante is on October Road? Isn't that a little, I don't know, beneath him? Strange.
4) I thought of the BEST blog post title EVER, but I can't remember it. Do any of you know what it was? It was clever, witty, funny, just generally awesome, much like me. Gah! It's driving me crazy, much like me.
5) When I cleaned off the kitchen table last night, Dylan was all "Why's it clean, Mommy? Why's it so clean & shiny?" How sad is that? He doesn't even know what having a cleaned off dining room table is all about. On the off nights that we do eat at it, I generally just shove aside all the crap to make enough room for us to sit at it. That's depressing to admit, but I'm going to leave it here as a way of forcing myself to keep it clean. You people will hold me to it, right? Just like "Shine your sink" it will be "Clean & shine your table." I might be on to something.
6) Because apparently some of you (Cha? Gasp! Huh? HOW is this possible?!) don't know who John Krasinski is. I can't understand it, but, in my ongoing effort to make the world a better place, I will introduce you to him. Adorable, funny, awesome him. Although, admittedly, I really like him because of his character on The Office, but I've seen him on Ellen and he's adorable in real life as well.
7) Hawaiian Bubble Bread does not, unfortunately, taste as awesome as it sounds. Actually, now that I say it, it doesn't sound all that good, does it? That should have been my first clue.
8) AMomTwoBoys BEST EVER LASAGNA does, fortunately, taste as good as it sounds. Just wait until tomorrow when I will grace you with the recipe. You're going to want to run right out to the store for the ingredients. It'll be worth it. It's. That. Good. You're welcome. In advance.
9) I'm trying to figure out what else to type here because I want to rival this post on being the longest most non-sensical post ever. But, Dylan's insisting on watching Dora and there's only so much Dora a girl can take. I think I'll try to go tackle my room. Wish me luck. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, send in search teams.


Anonymous said...

A clean house? Now what would that look like?!?! (And I don't even have kids as an excuse... I'm just L.A.Z.Y.)

A Mom Two Boys said...

It's kind of like you have kids, with all that CVS loot hanging around your house.
Just pretend it's toys and you're good to go!

Angie said...

YOU. CRACK. ME. UP. Seriously. I have never enjoyed reading so much about nothing as you write day after day. CRACKS ME UP. Seriously.


Christy said...

I am very proud of you! I NEVER clean. I just don't get it. Two minutes after I clean a room, its messy again. Then I am pissed for wasting my damn time.

A Mom Two Boys said...

Angie- Equal parts cracking up and pissing off, no? I'm glad I can do my part. Just call me Blog Seinfeld.

Christy- I don't clean either. As you've read it's something I'm desperately trying to change about myself. Now it will be all about KEEPING UP with it. We'll see how that goes! Yikes.

jennifer h said...

Your bedroom sounds like mine. It's where laundry goes to die. Or at least play dead. I'm the poster child for one of those makeover shows where they say the master bedroom should be a sanctuary, blah, blah. It's more like a sanctuary that was hit by a bomb, so now we have to worship at the church down the street. I'm guessing that's not what they mean.

Good luck with the bedroom. Be sure to tie a rope around your waist and tie it to something in the next room. You'll thank me.

Cathy said...

Ahhh...pooping on the potty. That was hard with my son too. It took about a week or so after he was going pee regularly for him to really be able to poop on there without crying "NO." Of course, it's been, um, 10 months since we trained him and he'll still whine on his way to the toilet. I don't even tell him to go. He just gets up, hold his butt, "it hurts. I have to go poop. I don't want to go potty." And it continues as he goes. =) Oh the joys of motherhood. Here's a link to our potty training adventures, if you're interested...

HRH said...

Patiently awaiting the lasagna recipe...Oh, I am late and it is already posted...I'm on my way up there now.

Loralee Choate said...

My bedroom would like to make out with your bedroom because they just found out they are soul mates on eharmony.com.

I like the process of cleaning but I can't seem to master the monotony of doing it one a regularly scheduled basis.