January 23, 2008

A Simple Mathematical Equation

Rain + Cold + Lack of Sun = A VERY lazy Meghan & Children still in their pajamas at 12:40pm.

Or, to be totally honest, BACK in their pajamas after a bath. So, I haven't been totally unproductive today. And, we have all the phones at the shop transferred to our house so we don't miss any service calls. Can you believe how many people's heaters miraculously go out when we get a cold & rainy snap? Or how many people expect us DJ to go to their house IN THE RAIN & THUNDER & LIGHTNING to look at their leaking gutters. As if we're going to send our guys right over with METAL ladders to repair it. So their porch doesn't have standing water. In the torrential downpour. Duh. **Torrential totally looks like it's spelled wrong, but spell check isn't highlighting it, so I guess it's right. Like I've said before, I spell good uzualy**

Which brings me to another point...if you were to call an HVAC company would you expect the woman answering the phone to be sitting on her couch, eating nachos (yummy), watching Food TV and breastfeeding? Probably not. But that's what our customers are getting today. If they only knew. Shhh...don't tell them.

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Angie said...

I'd say you had a pretty darn near perfect day. My day yesterday (I blogged about it, of course) was far from perfect. Wish I could do cocktails - my tummy won't allow for anything more than beer and wine. Tears me up inside and I don't know why. I will still anxiously await Friday's cocktail recipe, though.