January 24, 2008

In My Effort to Move On...

I'm presently watching (& photographing for your viewing pleasure) the meat & tomato mixture simmer for my Pioneer Woman's Best Ever Lasagna. Oh, hold on to your seats, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. Next to the scrumptious looking pot of lasagna fixins' is a LUSCIOUS looking Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Cake Ever. OH MY GOD, my panties are in a bunch over this. I can hardly wait to dig in to the cake. Seriously. After the emotional roller coaster of a day I've had, thanks to previously mentioned JackHoles, it's looking like the best thing ever. If only it weren't for DJ's birthday (which is tomorrow) I'd dig into it right now. But I won't, because he should at least be able to eat his cake before any one else has had a crack at it. Right? Oh, but it's HARD!

I'm also getting my "menu" ready for tomorrow's Recipe. Remember when I teased you about the yummy cocktail? Remember? Well, you'll find out what it is tomorrow! I'm also adding a fave recipe, other people's fave, though, because I've never tasted it since the main ingredient is something I LOATHE, from Take Home Chef. How cute is Curtis?


Okay, you didn't know I was gone, but I was. And now I'm back after putting Dragon Tales on for Dylan (Yay for TV as a babysitter) and changing Zach's diaper (disgusting, in case you wanted to know) after his hourS long nap.

I'm going to leave you with a few words of wisdom. I know you're excited. I won't keep you in suspense.

1) If you're going to make lasagna the old fashioned way and boil the noodles (WHO does that anymore?), remember to boil the noodles.
2) If you're going to make a chocolate cake and lasagna and you need 4 eggs and you only have 4 eggs, MAKE ABSOLUTE SURE that you don't accidentally let one egg roll off the counter. I'll let you know tomorrow if egg beaters works as a binder in lasagna.
3) If you hear a poop escape your just about asleep 5 month old, change the diaper and risk waking him up. You've been through too many white onesies to waste another one.
4) If it's your husband's birthday and he doesn't like lasagna (I KNOW!? WTF?) and you do, make it anyway. He should still be appreciative of all the effort you put into making it. Plus, make chocolate cake, which he does love, to make up for the entree. It's a win/win situation for you because you get lasagna AND chocolate cake.

Good night, good friends. I'm going to slip into a wine induced coma and dream about gouging Fred Phelps' eyes out with a Bic pen. Oh, did I say I was moving on? Apparently I'm going to need another glass of wine.


Jodi said...

my husband doesn't like lasagna either w.t.f.???

the cake and the lasagna sound to wonderful and you are amazing to make them with a toddler and baby!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Jodi- I know, I'm insane. But the toddler was busy watching TV and the baby was napping, so it wasn't too difficult. I just have to time things correctly!

HRH said...

yes, this whole you cooking gourmet meals thing is way over-achieving. if your dear husband even hints that the lasagna isn't the most amazing meal ever, send him to TX to live with me for 2 days and after he sees how the non-cooking moms live he will flee back to you with open arms happy if you make him toast.