January 7, 2008

Help! Help! I don't know what I'm doing!

Dear Internet People Who Have Been at This Much Longer Than I,

Please, please help me figure out why, suddenly today, my RIGHT hand column decided to place itself in the CENTER of the VERY BOTTOM of the page. I'm trying to avoid "Blogger Help."

Your assisstance is much appreciated as I'm a Blogging Newbie and still have my head up my ass when it comes to such things.



EatPlayLove said...

I am a visual learner, so I am of no help unless the problem is right in front of me. The help I can offer is the help which I have used numerous times, Peter Chen.

Blogger Tips& Tricks

He also had a blog, Dummies Guide to Blogger, which is by no means an implication of your current situation! You can search both sites from the link above.

He also takes the time to answer questions. He's amazing!

Jodi said...

oh good luck. it's horrible when the bloggie stuff gets crazy...

JCK said...

Good luck with this. I'm visual, too and the online resources are good. There is also something called Blogging 101, which is helpful. You can go to your dashboard on blogger, then choose layout. See if you can move your page elements around by dragging. What a pain!

HRH said...

I am of no help whatsoever and can totally feel your blogpain, but when I looked down there to see if it was working or what you were talking about it made me laugh very hard because it looks like something that would happen to me.