January 14, 2008

Say What? Huh? What In The HELL Is She Talking About Now?

That's what you're going to be thinking if when you get down to the bottom of this very long, very lovely post.

Exciting things are afoot. Very. Exciting. Things.

Like this...my Pioneer Woman 2008 Calendar arrived. Sweet.

Zach took a bottle of formula!, no problemo. This means I have officially taken the first step down the slippery slope of weaning. Not really on purpose, mind you. I'm not actually ready to stop breastfeeding. BUT, it will be nice to be able to bring along a bottle & some formula to feed him in akward sitch-e-a-shuns instead of having to whip one of the girls out. So, again, Sweet.

Dylan went poop on the potty. Oh, wait, Just Kidding, but positive thinking people! That child's poops are getting too big and disgusting for him to be wearing a diaper. He's a stubborn SOB, though, and absolultely, positively REFUSES to use the potty. He also REFUSES to let me change his diaper after he's pooped, so we're totally UP SHIT CREEK. Pun intended. Keep the positive thoughts flowing our direction, and maybe, eventually, in the NEAR future, he'll have graduated to potty use. Maybe. Eventually. Near. Future.

I get to go away this week! Without kids. I'm still not sure about leaving them behind. There are about 1,237 things running through my mind at any given moment. Like, what if Dylan wakes up in the middle of the night, leaves the room he's sleeping in and falls down the stairs. Or worse, what if Dylan makes it down the stairs and unlocks the doors, which he totally knows how to do, and goes outside. In the Cold. Or near the Pond. Oh, Good GAWD, it goes on and on. I REALLY need to let this go. I need to. I know. It's not going to happen. So, back to the fact that I'm going away. To Palm Springs. For Free, which is even better. I'm going to ignore the fact that it's for the Dealer Meeting for the furnaces we sell, and pretend that I get to lounge around in my pj's all day, visit the spa, eat, drink, be merry. There will be plenty of eating & drinking, and hopefully some being merry. Especially since I get to go HERE, my favorite restaurant of all time. If you visit the link, please forgive them for the HEINOUS theme song. I don't know what they're thinking. I'll have to speak to them about that.

What else...let's see. I can't come up with anything. OH, I know. Duh. Fussy wrote a very cute post regarding Pioneer Woman. It's people like this who make me re-think this whole Blog thing. I'm not clever, crafty or PhotoShop savvy enough to do this. Go here to see the post. Then, come back to me and leave me a comment reminding me that I'm clever, crafty and, even though I'm not PhotoShop savvy, you still love me. You love me! You really love me! Also email me for my address if you have an extra copy of "PhotoShop for Dummies" that you'd like to send me. Oh wait, I don't even have PhotoShop. I have Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo. So, email me if you have an extra copy of "Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo for Dummies" you'd like to send me. Thank you.

Here are some photos, sorry that they're a bit blurry, of my first tentative ventures in jewelry making. I have a lot to learn!

When I do get better and start making wads of money, I'll treat myself to a better camera. And to PhotoShop. And to "PhotoShop for Dummies." And I'll hire someone to write this blog for me. And now I'm going to go because, if any of you are left reading, you're going to need a drink. Email me your address and I'll put one in the mail to you ASAP. Cheers!


Christy said...

Well, I am super excited about your trip. I hope you have a fabulous time. And don't worry about the kiddos. They'll be fine.

I am jealous regarding the bottle thing. I can't even get Izzy to take a bottle of breastmilk half of the damn time. He wants the real deal.

Quart said...

I'll trade you fat diaper poops for bathtub poops. I thought I'd multitask tonight and iron in the hallway during the bath and because I couldn't see the tush area I ended up spending 30 minutes scooping poop and scrubbing the tub. On the bright side he LOVED his first shower in my bathroom!

Quart said...

oh - your jewelry looks awesome. How the hell do you know how to do that? My birthday is April 13th, by the way.

papa-oomau-al said...

Two things:

1)Your jewelry is beautiful.
2) We'll keep an eye open for Kevlar-reinforced diapers.

Kesler Crew said...

What have I gotten myself in to with these 3 boys? You and Quart are starting to scare me. LOL :)

I love your jewelry - that necklace would be perfect for me! Keep up the great work!

HRH said...

I am so excited about your trip. Don't worry, the boys will be frozen with sadness because you are gone and in that frozen state they cannot move, hence no trouble can be made. I love Palm Springs so please enjoy it for me. The jewelry is really fun and I like the green bracelet. I love Fussy and but couldn't go on without my M2B fix!

grandmaother said...

I'll take the blue bracelet so I can buy something blue to go with it - always happy to do my part!

And remember - when it comes to motherhood - take a deep breath and think about how Caroline Ingalls would have handled it (in the episodes before she got a kitchen). Now THAT was a Pioneer Woman.