January 6, 2008

It's Been a Big, Stupendous, Awesome Day

Wow, people. The day I've had. I started out this morning thinking today would be fun, but it turned out to be SO much more than I expected.

My plan for the day included getting ready for this:

But before that could happen, he surprised me with this:

AAKKK! I wasn 't ready for that. He just did it. No practice rolls, no nothin. Just put him down on his belly (on the ottoman, mind you) and away he went. Luckily, I was sitting right here and hadn't put him down and wandered away. Not that I would have done that on purpose, given that he was on the ottoman, but you never know. I am a little absent minded on occasion. So, that was fun. My baby is growing up. Soon enough he'll be crawling around the house and tormenting the dog. Oh, how the days go by so quickly. Oh, and he really enjoyed his Rice cereal experience. He's a champion cereal eater. That's my boy.

**Edited to explain the "Orange Spider" referenced in the above video- I bought Dylan, in the Dollar Bin at Target, a big, sticky orange spider. It's one of those things that sticks to the wall and then slowly crawls down. It's kinda gross. Needless to say, he's completely, utterly, absolutely TERRIFIED of the damn thing. DJ and I found this HIGHLY entertaining and taunted him with it at every opportunity. We did finally start to feel bad, after he started wailing "I want to go to my room. I want to go to bed!", so we pretened that Tahoe ate it, which gave him some sort of peace of mind. He still worries about it, though, and I'm pretty sure if he were to look under our bed and find it he'd die of fright right then and there. Which reminds me, I need to go get that thing out from under our bed.**

Then, my sister called to let me know about this:

I didn't even know! I'd been busy with my new project (I'll put pics up of that when I un-lazy myself, maybe tommorrow?) and hadn't been on the computer for most of the day. So, yay! that's awesome. It was bestowed upon me by JCK over at Motherscribe. Thanks, JCK! That totally topped off my day!

After following some links from Motherscribe, I came upon this, which sums up my feelings perfectly. I don't see why we can't work on teaching our children to be GOOD people without instilling the "Fear of God" (Pun TOTALLY intended) into them. Isn't it more meaningful to be a good person for the sake of being a good person, instead of because you're afraid of the consequences you'll face in the afterlife? Anyway, someone finally put my thoughts into an easy to read, concise list. Yay for that.

Then, I made some kick-ass Crock Pot Turkey Chili. Just wanted to let you know.

And, since I told you about the amazing, super awesome system of tracks that DJ built for Dylan last night, I thought I'd show you some pictures of his handy work:

Please ignore the generaly disarray that is Dylan's room. He's (Almost!) 3, and FLYlady hasn't quite made it to his room yet.


HRH said...

Your day rocked. Congratulations on all events.

beachmom said...

Great day - thanks for the stroll down memory lane for me! Your two monumental events of the day are among the most vivid memories of our oldest son when he was an infant. Hope today is just as wonderful!

Allison said...

Sweet. As he runs through the house---I remember when rolling was the only way P had to get around. He was a real champ at it. If you laid him down on the floor next to you, before you'd know it he'd be on the other side, trying to get under the futon, then back under the chair at your feet. Now, like I said, he can run.