January 7, 2008

She's Trying to Burn the House Down!

Have any of you ever made a kick ass dinner in the crock pot (like, say, Oh, I don't know, Turkey Chili) and turned it to low to keep it warm...and then realized the NEXT EVENING that it was still on low?

No? Okay, good...me...either.


Quart said...

Didn't you forget to turn it ON last time??

JCK said...

That is funny! You must have a big ass kitchen for it to be lost in the fray?!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Quart- Thanks.

jck- Sadly, no. I just had such a bad headache that I filled the ceramic cooker thingy with soapy water and left the other part sitting on the counter, turned on. Lesson - unplug the damn thing when I'm done with it. Or better yet, follow FLYlady's advice and put everything away at night, killer headache or not.

HRH said...

See the problem is I would have actually had to thought ahead enough to make something in the crock pot to accidently leave it on. So you are way ahead of me there.