January 27, 2008

Cha?! It's My Blog and I'll Feedjit If I Want To...

In response to a few comments on my previous post.

Grandmaother: Too Bad, So Sad. I LIKE the live traffic feed so it's staying. It only keeps track of a few things at a time, and given my LARGE readership, you're information will come and go rather quickly.

A Meme, for you non-seasoned blog people, is like an old school chain letter. You "tag" other bloggers and make them answer a bunch of questions and then they have to "tag" yet more bloggers to do the same. I forgot to say earlier that I choose not to tag anyone else for the meme. Please do it if you want. It's kinda fun to have to go back through your archives.

Quart: I wasn't insulting you. You've stated (ON THIS VERY BLOG) that you've screwed up some recipes before (and must I bring up the tsp. vs. cup of baking soda debacle?). It made other people who read this very blog, feel better about themselves and their cooking abilities. See how I did that? Now I've thrown you both under the bus. You can thank me later.

HRH- I'm not sure how I found you, but I commented on your post about Reid & his blanket because it rang so true to my life. Oh, and I thought about putting the Holiday Dog post in there, but I didn't. So here it is.


HRH said...

Yeah for Holiday Dog! Next year I think we should all get matching Holiday dog T-shirts.

I didn't realize it was Reid and his blanket...it seems so long ago, but really only a few months, kinda like (holiday) dog years.

HRH said...

Oh and Quart, I am so sorry for dragging you down. I am going to take cooking lessons this week in preparation for Friday's recipe.

Quart said...

No worries, HRH. I've pulled off this week's recipe many times - you'll do just fine!!