December 27, 2007

The Story of the Holiday Dog

Did you notice him? Here? Well, we're lucky enough to have our own version of the Holiday Armadillo. Jealous, aren't you?

My crazy Aunt Dawna recently opened up her very own Dog Grooming and Adorable Dog Merchandise shop. It's called My Dog's Spot. Cute, right? I'm still not sure why she didn't use my descriptive title. Whatever.

Anyway, as a way of bringing in customers my Uncle Ryan bought a dog costume and stands on the corner waving a sign. Apparently, this technique ACTUALLY brings people in, and it gives us something to laugh about. Especially after a few bottles each of wine.

Well, he kindly offered to wear the costume for the boys on Kissmas morning. The kids were all totally freaked out by it, except for Cousin Will, who ran right up yelling "dog!" and spent the next 10 minutes hugging it. Dylan wanted nothing to do with him, but I did manage to take him up to the general vicinity of the Holiday Dog and he didn't freak out. I'd say that's a victory on our part.

Oh, and they also own this shop. They're very diverse. Tattoo's & Dog Grooming go hand in hand in our posse. Don't ya wanna hang?


HRH said...

I am still laughing, that was totally worth the wait...Holiday Dog? Tattoos? OMG!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Now my insanity makes perfect sense doesn't it?