December 15, 2007

Merry Kissmas

I've been thinking a lot this year about my feelings and thoughts on Christmas. As many of you know, I've developed a very "Scroogey" view on traditional Christmas. Really, about the whole "Christ" part of it. I'm not arguing that a little baby wasn't born in a manger on Dec. 25. Mary & Joseph very well may have had the unfortunate luck of not being able to find a hotel room on the night she had to push a baby out of her "pachina." (For those of you who are gasping about my referencing The Virgin Mary's "pachina" and the act of her pushing anything out of it, did you really think he was delivered by miraculous birth as well?) Said baby may very well have grown to be a wonderful human being who did many wonderful things and died by being hung on a cross. Anyway, I just find myself HIGHLY doubting the whole, "Miraculous Conception" thing, Son of God, God himself, Resurrection, etc. etc. Many of you may be hyperventilating right now. Just stop. Breathe deep. It'll be okay.

(Begin Rant) I've really been conflicted about my beliefs for a long time. Not conflicted "IN" my beliefs, but "ABOUT" my beliefs. I was raised Catholic. I was baptised and went through Communion and dutifully went to Confession (a time or two?) when I was little. Then, suddenly, it hit me. I didn't really BELIEVE any of the stuff I was being told. I certainly didn't AGREE with it. But, it seemed that EVERYONE else did. I was uncomfortable for a long time even telling people that I don't believe in God in the traditional "God" sense. I don't buy into the whole "pearly gates" in "Heaven", or the belief that things happen because of "God's Will." I'm a strong believer in biology, evolution, and people's ability to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own actions, and the fact that sometimes shit happens. Finding "God" (a la Paris Hilton, (other) prisoners, etc) has proved to be a very convenient way for people to theoretically clean up their images, and it drives me crazy. And don't even get me STARTED on the whole Noah's Ark thing. Maybe I'll discuss all that another time. Lucky you. (End Rant)

DJ has always given me a hard time about the fact that I love Christmas, given the fact that I don't believe in it in the traditional sense. So, I've decided to reclaim Christmas for myself. It's not going to be "Christ"mas in my house anymore. It's going to be "Kiss"mas. That's what Dylan calls it and I think it sums it up perfectly. Kissmas is about family and showing them how much we love and appreciate them. It's about being together, laughing, celebrating and loving. It's about bestowing our children with ridiculous presents just so we can watch the excitement and glee bubble out of them. It's about being human and accepting other people for who they are. It's about letting other people believe what they want to believe and not judging them for it. It's about being almost 3 and LOVING all the presents ("Is that my present?" is uttered daily) and being TERRIFIED of Santa. It's about putting goofy looking lights outside my house because my son gets excited when he sees them.

So, there you go. Kissmas. I like the sound of it. I like the idea of it.

Merry Kissmas

P.S. This post was inspired by this post.

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Mrs. Flinger said...

I can completely relate to your bringing up, etc. Also raised Catholic, blahblahblah, and now I'm posting pics of Jesus as Santa. :-)

I agree. Get in to the Spirit of Christmas. It's ok to have that be just joy and peace and love and not a manger scene. I'll be celebrating with you!