December 5, 2007

Killer Waves (Not Killer Santas)

So we've had insane temperatures lately. It was 80 here yesterday and it's 77 today. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be like 20 degrees lower, so it will seem a bit more Christmas-ey AND it's even supposed to rain. That's right, I said rain. We'll see if it actually happens, but that's what they're saying.

Anyway, the storm that's coming has given us HUGE surf the past few days. Like 15 - 20 foot waves. It's pretty insane and I heard it was supposed to be even higher last night into this morning. So, before we went to the Mall to win a tree, we went to the Guadalupe Dunes to take a closer look. I was somewhat disappointed becasue the waves weren't as big as I thought they'd be but it was still pretty cool. Dylan liked to see them and I got some great pictures. Maybe if Santa were out there on a surfboard, Dylan would have thought he wasn't as scary.

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