December 3, 2007

Christmas Lights

Finally, the update you've all been waiting for. Pictures of my Chritmas light endeavor.

Here it is MY House:

Well, not so much. That's actually the house across the street. They usually go ALL out w/lights on the roof and everything, but this year they didn't. Bummer, cause it's usually quite a Griswoldesque house and Dylan would love it.

Here are the people next door:

And the OTHER people across the street.

(That's two houses)

And now, finally, my house:

That makes me think, EH. Not so much exciting. But, festive, I suppose. Notice the jealousy inducing awesomeness of the snowflake lights? Up there. See them? Right there? On the bottom left side of the picture? Yup...that's them. I definitely think that ALL my neighbors are jealous of them. In fact, I might not be getting my yearly delivery of Rum Balls. Now THAT would really ruin Christmas for me.

1 comment:

HRH said...

maybe quaint is the word for the snowflakes...quaint and kitchy? your house looks griswoldesque (to borrow a great new word) compared to ours so please know I am in awe of you and your quaint, kitchy snowflakes.