December 16, 2007

Stream of Consciousness...Be Warned

It's Sunday. It's 10:41am and I'm on my couch in my pajamas. Still. DJ left at 7:45 this morning to golf. I have dishes, laundry (which includes SEVERAL sets of peed on sheets, including my own, thanks to Dylan) and organizing to do. We're leaving for our Kissmas trip in T-4 days, which is very exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. I have a lot to get done before then. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. There's packing all the clothes for all four of us, and making sure we're weater/activity appropriate. But, before the clothes can be packed, they have to be washed. Then there's the Kissmas presents that need to be collected and packed up. Packed up in Plastic Containers due to the threat of rain. Rain which wouldn't matter if we were taking the car, but does matter because we have to take so much CRAP that we have to take the truck. But, before the Christmas presents can be packed up in plastic containers they need to be bought. Not all of them, our tree is overflowing already, but the little odds & ends that I haven't gotten to yet. For a moment I thought about going out today, but then came to my senses and thought better of it. Tomorrow's Monday, and the final shopping can wait until then. Or Wednesday. But hopefully tomorrow because Wednesday is the day before we leave, so that's cutting it close, even by my standards.

But tomorrow we have to be at the Dr.'s at 9:15am for Zach's 4 month Jab Him In The Leg as Many Times As We Can So We Can Make Him Scream And Be Miserable Appointment* Well Baby Exam. After which I can't even nurse him to calm him down for fear he'll spit up the recently administered Jammed Down His Throat Rotavirus Vaccine. But, on a good (?) note, he'll get one less Jab in the Leg tomorrow due to the recent recall of the Hib Vaccine. Now I'll just have to worry about him contracting Meningitis. Apparently it's not a big worry because ONLY "about 20,000 US children a year were seriously harmed and about 1,000 died form Hib" before the vaccine was widely administered. Huh? Excuse me? ONLY 20,000? ONLY 1,000 DIED? That's a HELL of a lot of children in my book. I suppose they must not have been important children, so their deaths didn't matter as much? WTF?

So, as I was saying. We have to leave the house by 8:45 tomorrow morning to make it to the Docs in time for the appointment. I think I can get the boys out the door by 8:00 to head to Walmart to pick up More Crap to Fit In The Back Of The Truck, also known as our final Site to Store packages (Spongebob Cups & Thomas Hideaway have arrived...what would I have done without them?). I also want to make a trip to Toys R'Us to get Dylan the much coveted Thomas and the Jet Engine battery operated train. It's certainly something he COULD live without, but it would be nice to go a day without hearing "I Need the Jet Engine." The quiet would be short lived because we'd probably just start hearing a lot of "It's broken. It needs batties."

Which brings me to another dilemma I'm having. I can't decide if it would be a good idea or a bad idea to pack up some of Dylan's trains & tracks so that all the boys could play with them. I'm torn because either way, it will be an extreme. Either REALLY good because the boys will enjoy it and it might keep them entertained inside while it rains outside, and ANYTHING that can keep an almost 3 year old and two almost 2 year olds entertained is good in my book. But it could be REALLY bad because I can just picture the tears and fighting that could ensue with three little boys trying to play trains together. Oh, and the tears of which I speak are Dylan's. He's way OCD about his train tracks and he DOES NOT like it when anyone but him messes them up. I'm currently leaning toward taking them, because they can always be taken away if things get out of hand. Now that adds one more thing I have to pack in the truck. See how difficult I make things for myself?

I also have to remember to bring my pump and some bottles for Zach. That would seem like a given, except, for some reason, that's the stuff I ALWAYS forget. My sis, bro-in-law and DJ and I are going out to dinner...without kids! I need to make sure the chubby little boy I birthed 4 months ago tomorrow has food to eat. Seems like a good idea to me. That's the mommy in me. I'm going to TRY to remember to bring the devices that will keep my infant child fed and happy. I should win some type of award. Or a visit from Child Protective Services.

We also have to have room in the truck for our ginormous dog, aka Tahoe, who has to be dropped at the Doggie Hotel on the way out of town. He'll be enjoying a week of pampering and humping all the other dogs. Merry Kissmas, Tahoe. That's my gift to you. Which brings back memories of a Kissmas not long ago when he was a puppy and not yet "clipped". Oh My, did he have his way with my Aunt & Uncle's Golden Retriever. It was embarassing and quite funny. Nothing says Kissmas like some boy on boy doggie action.

I'm also a little bit nervous about what we have to bring BACK from our Kissmas Trip. Regardless of the presents the boys will be getting from the rest of the family, there's the secretive gift that DJ has planned for Dylan. He's planning on purchasing it up there and is worried that people might be put off by it. It's apparently that big and extravagant. I have NO IDEA what he's planning and I'm a wee bit worried. It's dangerous, DANGEROUS I say, when he has money burning a hole in his pocket. Now you're all curious too, aren't ya?

Well, it's now 11:45 and I've successfully killed an hour. That's some mad time killing skillz right there. It's like I'm back in college and I'm putting off studying or writing a paper. I suppose I should take a shower now. That will kill some more time before the real work begins.

*This post was updated b/c I couldn't figure out how to do the strikethrough earlier, but then I looked at my "Blog Buddy" and, in true kindred spirit fashion, she has the EXACT thing I was looking for on her blog. WEEEIIIRRRDDDD!


mrlambini said...

"Nothing says Kissmas like some boy on boy doggie action." I laughed so hard, if I had false teeth they would have rocketed across the room!

Jodi said...

I have so been where you are. Oh the horror of the big holiday trip with babies and children. The Thomas trains! We took them everywhere for years. Every. Single. One.

Best of luck with the packing and the trip.

HRH said...

You utilized your new strike-out skill masterfully! So glad I could be there for you in your time of work avoidance...that is exactly why I am here!