December 8, 2007

I'm Not as Mature as I'd Hoped

Gosh...I really thought I'd made progress. I was so proud of myself for being practical and thrifty (two things I am most often NOT). I had decided, based on the fact that we will be out of town for Christmas, that we did not need to get a Christmas tree this year. Why spend the money on one and invest the time in lighting and decorating it when we won't even be here for Christmas day? Makes sense, right?

Then, I got up this morning and decided that I HAD TO HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE. HAD. TO. DJ protested. Dylan even said he didn't want one (?). But I'd made up my mind. I needed to have a beautiful, (white) lighted tree to gaze at in the morning and at night. I resorted to bribing Dylan. I told him I'd give him a Cherry Cordial Hershey Kiss (oh- run out right now to buy them...they're SO good) if he'd tell DJ that he wanted a Christmas tree. He'll do anything for Chocolate (or any dessert for that matter) so he happily ran outside and yelled "I need a Christmas tree Dad." DJ shot me a dirty look, argued about the practicality of it all and then gave in because he knew I wasn't going to give it up and sometimes it's just easier to let me have my way, regardless of how much sense it makes, than to try to continue to keep arguing with me and pissing me off. Again, the Christmas spirit is alive and well in our house.

So, Dylan and I took the truck and drove to OSH to buy our tree. Just a little one. It's "only" about 6 feet tall. It only cost $20.99. How can you beat that? Now I get my God-Damned Christmas Cheer and DJ gets a wife who's not holding a grudge against him. See? Everyone wins.

I'll post the obligatory "adorable kids in front of the tree" photos when we actually get the damn thing up and decorated. I'm sure there will be much cursing and throwing of things (as there is every year) in the meantime.


Kesler Crew said...

You really are too funny! This reminds me of a Home Depot commercial where this little girl is going through the house telling her dad everything that is wrong and needs to be replaced. He then leaves to go to Home Depot and doesn't see the Mom hand the daughter cash! ;)

HRH said...

I am so glad you got the tree--even if now your kids will need to find full scholarships to college (they are smart). My husband is at Target right now shopping for the ingredients of Friday's recipe. Just a bit of advice on the tree decorating...omit ornaments from the bottome half. hahaha have fun.