December 17, 2007

Virtual Hugs

Dear Internet People,

Please send big virtual hugs to my sister. She's knocked up (yay! Another baby...maybe even, dare I say, a girl!?), it's freakin' cold where she lives and she's been rear ended TWICE in the past few weeks. Both times with her almost 2 year old in the car, the most recent of which happend JUST NOW. A few minutes ago. Right after she made a comment to me about having the "cheap" car seat in the car in preparation for their plane trip out here this week. Poor thing. But, she wasn't even crying, which is awesome. I would have been a sobbing, snot nosed idiot.

So, send her a virtual hug and have a nice, big alcoholic drink for her tonight. If that's not your bag, then eat some brie or some lunch meat for her. That would work too.


Oh, and we were not on the phone with each other at the time. It kind of sounds like we were, but we weren't. It must have happened in the 5 minutes of the day that we weren't talking to each other. Okay, so we don't talk THAT much. We used to, but then she went back to work and now she can't keep me occupied all day long, so that's your job now, internet. Hmmm...that makes me want to give you a big virtual hug too. Okay, I'm done now.


Quart said...
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Quart said...

Thank you, all, for your hugs. I can feel them from here (here being northern VA where people drive like f'ing morons). I was NOT on the phone when I was hit. I was singing "Three Little Ducks" to Will - and NOT doing the hand motions like a good mommy driver. Stupid bastards. Though she neglected to mention that the woman who hit me last week has a 15 year old daughter who babysits! Best Accident Ever!