December 31, 2007

Hasta La Vista '07!

These past few days haven't worked out QUITE as I'd planned, but at least my car didn't attack me. It can always be worse.

We've all survived our little adventure in food poisoning and I may have even lost a little extra baby weight, so I'm not going to complain. It's not as good as the weight I lost when we all had Rotavirus 2 years ago, but it'll do. I wouldn't recommend it, but I'll take it.

This whole sickness has SEVERELY limited my time spent pondering my resolution for the upcoming year. I'll have to get back to you all on that. I have, however, thrown myself wholeheartedly into my new passion for jewelry making. All my birthday money has been spent on EBay purchasing Swarovski crystal beads, which I plan to string into the most beautiful of bracelets, necklaces & earrings. Look for my new M2B Designs store opening up in the near future. I'll even give you, my loyal readers, a 10% discount on your first purchase. Of course, I'll have to jack up my prices to accomodate the lost earnings of the 10% discount, but it's the PERCEIVED savings that counts, right? Okay, good. I'll be accepting PayPal. You think I kid, but I do not.

Here's what I'm looking forward to in 2008 (in order of when I think they will happen):

1) Becoming a step-Aunt to 3 beautiful little boys-and if you want to feel really bad about yourself, check out her next post where she shows a picure of herself. I didn't even look that good with 1 baby. She's practically got her own personal basketball team in there and she looks great. Bitch
2) Welcoming 2 little girls into our circle of friends. That's right I said girls. And they're coming to two different people, no more sets of multiples, please. I can't handle the stress.
3) Dylan's 3rd Birthday. I'm getting a Bounce House.
4) Becoming an Aunt to an as yet unidentified young'un. Maybe I should re-order & add Jan. 22 to #2. That's when we find out what "unidentified young'un" is. CAN'T. WAIT.
5) Traveling to the DC Metro area to visit newly born as yet unidentified young'un, Cousin Will & my sister & her husband. At least right now I'm looking forward to it, that might change as the reality of taking a 3 year old & almost 1 year old an a voyage across the country hits me.
6) Zach's 1st Birthday. They're so cute at that age, although it's hard for me to believe he could actually be cuter than he is now.
7) Traveling to the Smokies to visit with 3 new little boys, who will not be so little at that point, but will still be little enough to be classified as new. Oh, and to see all the other crazies family who will be there as well.
8) My 30th Birthday. Hopefully it will be MUCH better than my 29th was. Although there's not much to compete with, so as long as I don't have food poisoning, I'll be good.

*I purposefully did not add a vaction to that list. Don't know when that will happen, so I don't want to jinx it. I just REALLY hope that it happens.

I'm off to EBay to make sure some schmuck doesn't outbid me at the last minute. Suckers think they're bidding against someone who hasn't been in their pajamas on the couch all day just watching the computer. Buuuuaaaahahahahahaha!

Oh Yeah--Happy New Year!


Quart said...

Um, the unidentified young'un will be in the Smokies too . . . I was going to give you a hard time but I have to put on "More Noddy" now. My two favorite words in the world.

HRH said...

Glad I am in existence to make you feel better about yourself--lol. Thanks for the link love. I am waiting in line for my perceived value jewelry--I like dangly earrings if you are taking custom orders...

A Mom Two Boys said...

Quart-I know that unidentified young'un will be there, but as I mentioned in #5, I'll have already MET unidentified young'un, so it won't be the first time in Dec. Okay, crazy pregnant lady?! :0)

HRH-Dangly earrings, got it. Color requests? I've personally paid for DeeDee's Holidays, so I have quite the selection to choose from. OMG, what have I gotten myself into?!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Since that doesn't really make sense, DeeDee is the lady I bought the majority of my beads from on EBay. I made her New Year's.

Rebecky said...

When you're in VA, please make plans to come to our house for a visit - we are well equiped to handle kids the age of your's (as Sarah will be three the day after Dylan, and Andrew already has 16 1/2 months under his belt). Plus, it would be great to see you!