December 29, 2007

It's My Party

The day has finally's my birthday! Yay for me!

Birthdays are SO different than they used to be. No presents to open, no one to make me a birthday cake (it's not the same if you have to make your own). No one's even up right now, which is a birthday present in and of itself. I got to sleep until 7:09, which was a feat. And, as his own little present to me, Zach slept through the night, save for one moment of distress when all he needed was to have his "fa" (pacifier) re-inserted. Today's going to be a good day.

Oh-speaking of, I hear Zach.

Okay, Fa's reinserted. We're good for another few minutes.

I'm less focused on my birthday right now than I am about the New Year. I really want to make 2008 the year I finally get my shit together. Like, I want to make resolutions that are practical and POSSIBLE. I want it to be fun. I want to figure out how to keep my house organized. I want to put laundry away as soon as I do it (or at least as soon as nap time is over). I want to wear jewelry. I want to learn something. Like how to speak Italian or how to make jewelry. Then I could speak Italian while I make jewelry that I could wear while I go out in the clothes I'd just washed and put away. How fun would that be?

Here are some Resolutions for my 29th year of life. These are fun. These are things I'm going to do before I turn 30 in 365 days.

- Take my children to Disneyland
- Go away for at least 2 nights with my husband, but WITHOUT my children
- Go on an extended (at least 5 night) FAMILY vacation to somewhere that's not in California
*Do you see a trend developing here? I need a VACATION!*

There's more, but a bedroom door just opened, so my moments alone are over. I'll be back...


grandmaother said...

Be wild and crazy - wear jewlery to Disneyland!
The best birthday gifts ever are those two little treasures that occupy almost every moment. Enjoy them. Enjoy yourself enjoying them.
But alway remember what Stacy & Clinton say about putting yourself on your list of priorities....
Love you. Happy birthday - I was there 29 years ago today.

HRH said...

Happy birthday! It is so nice of you to have one on a date I will actually remember. I have been on the dark side of 29 for almost 9 years now and can assure you that you are headed in the right direction. But WHOA about put away laundry, jewelry, italian, disneyland...your dreams are making us other mommies look bad! Good luck.

HRH said...

I just saw that grandmaother watches Stacy & Clinton--I DO love your family.

A Mom Two Boys said...

HRH- I know...the similarities between us are scary!
Mom (aka Grandmaother)- if I dare wear jewelry to Disneyland it will most certainly get lost or broken. I'm not crazy. And just wait until my next post (being composed right now)...I'm definitely on my list of priorities!
Are those two little treasures of which you speak my diamond earrings that I NEVER take off? You're right. I DO enjoy them. OH! You meant my children. Right. Them too.

Kesler Crew said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Just a thought......

Maybe in '08 you could take a vacation to Italy where you could practice speaking the Italian, that you've learned prior to your trip, while drinking wine and selling your jewelry! You'll have your clean clothes packed and put away with you. Will you take me with you?

A Mom Two Boys said...

KC-good thought, but I think 08 might be a little crazy for you, what with three babies coming and all. Maybe in '18 we can go together to celebrate our 40th B-Days?! By then maybe I'll be a famous jewelry maker and that can pay for our trip! :0)

mrlambini said...

Hope is right -- go to Italy, shop for jewelry in Milan, shout "Stupendo!" after sampling a vintage Montepulciano, eat tons of gelato and pizza, and terrorize the natives on a Vespa ride through Tuscany. You've earned it.

Oh, and you probably don't remember, but 29 years ago today it was 14 degrees BELOW ZERO outside the hospital walls when you took your first breaths. Congratulations, kiddo, and stay warm!