December 6, 2007


So, as you all know, I'm new to this whole "Blogging" thing. Clearly I just started my own blog, but I'm also new to reading other people's blogs. Little did I know that there was such a vast expanse of Internet world related to blogs. I've spent a lot of time (when I'm not dedicated to an October Road marathon-er, um, I mean reading to blind children) wading through A LOT of blogs. Some funny, some sad, some really well written, some not so much. There are some I read every day and some I check in on occassionally. There are some that are especially popular and are like the "Rock Stars of Blogs", at least as I'm concerned. Like, if I met these women I'd scream and jump around and cry and throw my panties at them. Not really, with the panties, but you get the idea. Most of the blogs I read are related to what I like to call "Mommydom." They're mothers who write a lot about their children (like me) but also tackle the really serious subjects as well. Or, at least some of them are serious. Anyway, they're ALL imprortant, just some more so than others.

SO, the point of all this is that I want you all to check out THIS BLOG. She is freaking hilarious, and for those of you not interested in the "Mommy Blog" thing (except when it's me writing it) I promise that you will think she is funny. I PROMISE. I especially love her because she introduced me to this. (Go look now. Seriously. It's well worth it) There are a few people who I know will find that as hysterical as I do, and a few others who will shake their heads and watch about 30 seconds of episode 1. You know who you are. I know who you are, but I will not call you out here.

I graciously accept your "Thank You's" for introducing you to the Planet of Gay Unicorns (if Wha? Is your response to that, then CLICK HERE NOW, seriously people, can you not follow directions?!).

Enjoy your evening. It's going to rain here, so I'm going to hunker (?) down and watch some good, old fashioned T.V. on my computer...or, at least catch up on Planet Unicorn.

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