December 19, 2007

Dear Jamie-Lynn Spears,

You sweet adorable little CHILD. Please, PLEASE have learned from your sister's mistakes and be a BETTER parent than she is. I'm not talking about not tripping while carrying your child, that could happen to anyone. I'm talking about not driving (do you even have your license yet?) with them on your lap. Not missing court depositions regarding your custody arrangement. In fact, don't even GET to the point where you HAVE court depositions regarding the custody of your children. But, if you do, please make it a point to make it important enough for you to be there.

Good Luck. I'll be pulling for you.


Kesler Crew said...

Thank you for posting. Your musings keep me amused during my hospital stay! Merry Kissmas! ;) Be safe in your travels to your Mom's.

Rachael said...

It's tragic, isn't it?