December 13, 2007

I Think I Pulled One Over On My Husband

The "Hardest Person to Buy For" has been conquered. I think. I'm fairly confident that he doesn't know what I did today. I had NO IDEA what to do for him for Christmas. We don't really get each other presents, but I like the idea of getting him something. Something useful, practical, or golf related. I was going to get him an IPod Shuffle, but he went ahead and bought himself one, so there went that idea.

Then it occurred to me. We bought a new truck for him to use for work and he's been wanting to have the bed spray lined. But, logistically it hasn't worked out so he hasn't even been able to USE the truck. It's been sitting, neglected and unloved, in our driveway for three weeks. The dog has spent the most time of anyone in it (we use it as his "timeout" holding area).

So, I enlisted the help of DJ's best friend "Uncle" or "Fireman" Tony, depending on who you talk to. He helped me get the truck and the two boys to and from the spray-on place, which happens to be owned by one of my MOMS Club friends. So, now our nice, new truck has a nice, new spray on bed liner. And the best part is, DJ has no idea! I think I'm going to tell him something happened to his truck today to get him to go out and look at it. That is if he doesn't notice it himself when he comes home. It'll be dark, so I figure it's a 50/50 chance. I'm sure Mr. TalkiePants Dylan will spoil the surprise.

I realize that this is a very boring post for you all, but I'm proud of myself and I have nothing else to write about. Except for the INSANE amount of dishes that have piled up in my sink. I can't bring myself to go in there and clean them up, and writing this ridiculous post sounded like much more fun! Plus, now I'll have to write a Follow-up post because I'm sure you're all DYING to know his reaction.

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