December 5, 2007


Or so you would think by Dylan's reaction:

This was all brought on by the SHEER AUDACITY of Santa who went out of his way to come upstairs at the mall to say hello to our group of children. Of course, we arrived late, and as we rounded the corner I made the mistake of saying "Look Dylan, it's Santa." At that, he looked up, saw him, screamed in terror and ran away. And with THAT Santa left. We DROVE SANTA AWAY. OMG...WE. DROVE. SANTA. AWAY. I of course grabbed my camera to document the experience, since apparently these are the only Santa Related photos I'm going to get this year.

This picture was taken 30 minutes later. He'd calmed down considerably until I asked him if he wanted to go downstairs and LOOK at Santa. Clearly, he did not.

On another note, notice the beautifully decorated trees in the background? WELL, we have invested a whopping 10 whole dollars into winning one of those trees. It's a raffle, and Dylan and I had VERY different ideas about which ones we wanted to win. So, keep your fingers crossed that we win one. I'm pulling for the Dream Dinners tree, and Dylan has his tickets spread out between the 5 different trees that had toy tractors beneath them. If you win the tree, you win all the presents beneath it. How awesome is that? SO PEOPLE- your assignment is to keep your fingers crossed until Saturday that we win a tree. Okay? I really don't think that's too much to ask.

And remember to watch out for never know when he might sneak up behind you and hack you into little pieces. Dylan can tell you all about it if you want.

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