December 12, 2007


Got my little out of the house errands done and I didn't even forget anything! Dylan found a few things he "needed" so I went ahead and bought them and then hid them in the back of the car. I think he's already forgotten about them, so they can reappear for Christmas. Stocked up on crap for DJ's stocking at Harbor Freight...I LOVE that place. Especially now that they've expanded and moved to the "nicer" part of town.

Toys R'Us actually went off without a hitch. We avoided the Thomas aisle, got Sebastian's present and only walked out w/one extra item, a Shrek flashlight, which combines two of Dylan's newest obsessions. So, score! I almost forgot Penney's but remembered in the nick of time. Dylan cried the whole time because I was evil and actually made him WALK instead of taking the stroller. I was about ready to offer him for sale to the highest bidder, but figured that wasn't very Christmasy of me. So, he remains a member of the family.

WalMart & Site to Store were exceptionally easy...who knew?! They've totally got it figured out though and make you walk through the ENTIRE store to get your stuff. That ended up with my passing through the kid section and buying a bunch of little stuff for Zach for Christmas. Along with socks. I can't have enough socks for the boys. I'm very particular how they fit and they absolutely have to match whatever they happen to be wearing. In case you're wondering, Zach fits into Faded Glory brand size 6-18month socks, and yes, he's not even 4 months yet. And, apparently their heads are as ginormous as their feet, because Zach's "My First Christmas" Santa Hat doesn't fit him and the new 3T sweater I got for Dylan won't even fit over his noggin.

So, that completes this totally random post. Good afternoon, good evening and good night.

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