December 14, 2007


A few random thoughts before I go to Blogless World for the rest of the day. Don't be sad. I'll be back tomorrow.

1) Okay, so I TOTALLY rocked my "Christmas" gift to DJ. He walked in and I directed him back outside by telling him this whole story about how something had happened to the truck today, but that our neighbors were totally taking responsibility for it and that I thought their son was probably grounded for, like, the rest of his life. This freaked him out, because the truck is BRAND NEW and has barely been driven because it's been sitting in our driveway, and THAT'S where it got broke. Funny. Mean? Whatever.

Anyway, he walked outside all nervous. But it was dark, so he had to get really close to the truck before he noticed the lining. Needless to say he was happy about it. And I'm pretty damn proud of myself. Oh, and I don't feel bad about tricking him because he does it to me all the time. Paybacks a Bitch. Must be good friends with Karma.

2) See recipes below. We've also discovered our new favorite cookie, thanks to someone at the cookie exchange...I have no idea who, though! Anyway, you'll have to wait until next Friday for that recipe because I'm not going to type it out now. But they're SO GOOD. So get ready. DJ says that whoever made them is a woman after his own heart. Ha. He hated my cookies, so what does that say?

3) Zach slept through the night last night! It would have been totally awesome, but Dylan came into our room at 3:30 SOPPING wet, so I had to get up to change him and his pajamas. I didn't change the sheets, thought, just covered up the wet spot and put him back to sleep in another area. Is that bad parenting? Whatever. ZACH. SLEPT. THROUGH. THE. NIGHT. And, I had to wake him up this morning to feed him! He's such a good baby.

4) I want to comment on the whole Clemens/Pettitte steroid thing, but I'm still too disappointed to even think about it. Hopefully it ain't so, that's what I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for. Andy- I LOVE YOU! Please, Please, Please, Please, Please don't turn out to be such an idiot. Who next, Derek Jeter? Bernie Williams? Okay, so BW doesn't even count anymore, but he's still my favorite Yankee of all time, so I had to give him a shout out! Love you Bern! Kisses! Miss you! You rock! Bernie Williams, I heart you! Do you think he googles himself? Maybe he'll end up here...


HRH said...

you can't stop us...for an entire day! Good luck trying!

Jodi said...

#3 - I did the cover up the wet spot thing so many times, I can't even tell you.

it's actually perfect parenting.

Quart said...

I used my connections to get next Friday's cookie recipe and I have some advice you'll want ahead of time: 1) 3T of cocoa can be substituted using a 1 oz. square of baking chocolate. 2) You'll want to check that you actually HAVE 3 cups of oatmeal before starting. Having two and removing 1/3 of your "batter" sucks. 3) After all this, you'll have to refrigerate the cookies because they'll be really soft. Don't get caught in the same quaqmire. Buy cocoa and quick oats ahead of time!