December 10, 2007

One's Growing Up, One's Regressing

As I mentioned in passing earlier, Zach has graduated to sleeping in his own room. THE. WHOLE. NIGHT. I even get my cold ass out of bed and head over to his room to feed him when he wakes up. My baby's growing up and I'm not happy about it. But, I think it helps him to sleep better and I'm definitely sleeping better because I don't hear his (MANY) little grunts and groans throughout the night.

Last night, right after we turned the T.V. off (we didn't even watch The Amazing Race, so don't tell me who went home) we heard him making the usual noises. Because I'm still getting used to him being in his own room, and because I'm a crazy paranoid freak (see above referenced post) I got up to check on him. I opened my bedroom door and was met with this:

WTF? I thought we were SO beyond this phase. This is what we worked so hard to overcome right after Zach was born. Leaving his room and sleeping with the dog was Dylan's ONE, count it ONE, adverse reaction to the new addition. It took some persistance and A LOT of patience, but we got past it and he got back to sleeping in his own bed. Now, almost 4 months later we're back to it.
So, instead of going to bed at night and falling asleep, I'm sure I'll lie awake wondering if he's made his way out to the dog bed. And I'll have to get up to check, because GOD FORBID the dog roll over and crush him, or something else highly unlikely but nonetheless terrifying.
And now, your moment of Zen:

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