December 29, 2007

My Birthday, Part Deux

Okay, I'm back. Dylan's watching Baby Einstein in his room, with a cup of chocolate milk. Don't worry, the cup is of the Sippy variety (actually Sponge Bob straw variety) so there is no danger to his Pottery Barn Kids bed coverings.

Zach is awake -FINALLY!- with a belly full of the good stuff. At least he thinks so. You'd have thought he hadn't eaten in 12 hours or something. Oh wait...he hadn't.

DJ is still in bed. Unheard from. He hasn't even sent Dylan out saying "Daddy wants Foffee". He still must not be feeling well. Maybe I'll go have another cup of coffee (with Bailey's!). There's time to make a few more cups for him. It is my birthday after all.

So, where was I? Oh yes, the things I want to do before I turn 30 in 365 days.

Let's recap: Travel

Okay, that about sums it up. Remember now, this is NOT my New Years Resolution list. I'm still working on those. Those take time and careful planning. Those take actual COMMITMENT. This is fun stuff I want to do. I'm going to finally (3 1/2) years later, have my name changed on my passport. Not that I think I'll need my passport, but I want to at least have it updated. JUST. IN. CASE. Mexico beckons. It calls to me. "Remember that week in Mazatlan?" it says? Or that "you've always wanted to go to Cancun and the Mayan Riviera"? Oh, and I'm going to enter as many times as possible to win this year's HGTV Dream House. It's in the Florida Keys which is another "Must Visit Someday" list member of mine. I've been to the very tip top of the Keys, but not all the way down to the bottom. Key West beckons me as well. "Still the U.S. Water you can DRINK without fear of major repercussions. Architecture, beaches, sunsets to die for." That's what the Keys say to me. Ahhh...I can hear it now. Oh, wait, that's my mom's new Ocean/Rainstorm/Babbling Brook noise machine ringing in my ears. That'll have to do for now, I suppose.

SO, now that I've totally gone off on a tanget. More coffee (with Bailey's!) and Zach hacking up a lung (but still smiling!), I'm back. No more talk of travel. I must focus on putting my plan into action. Small seeds planted in my NOT travel loving husband's head. There. Done. Seed Planted. DJ- did you read that? Did you pick up on it? New roof & house paint BE DAMNED, I want to GO SOMEWHERE! And not to Palm Springs for a Dealer Meeting, although that will be nice, but somewhere new, somewhere exciting, somewhere (oh, look. Steve Perillo is on TV mocking me right now) that takes more than a car ride to get to. Somewhere where we can fulfill Dylan's dream of "riding in a plane." Did I say I'd stop talking about travel? I CAN'T. STOP. TYPING.

I didn't mean to make it sound earlier like I hadn't gotten any presents for my birthday. My mom bought me an AWESOME Dutch Oven a few weeks ago when I saw it at TJ Maxx and HAD to have it. Thanks Mom! My sister gave me an ITunes gift card and an "I Heart Jim" T-shirt from the NBC "The Office" store. I do heart Jim. I really do! I got cold hard cash from my in-laws...and I haven't even been to the mailbox yet, so who knows what is waiting there for me.
Look at that, DJ's up. In his own words, he feels like "someone stuffed a shoe up" his nose. That's pleasant, eh? No mention of my birthday, though. Either the cold medicine, or he's being his pain in the ass usual self and trying to make me think he forgot. He spent ALL night last night switching back and forth between the Golf Channel and the Hunting Outdoor Network in an attempt to drive me crazy. Nothing says birthday like watching animals get blown to smithereens (is that an actual word?).

This might win the award for longest, most non-sensical post ever. But it's my birthday, so I'm allowed. Johnny Depp & Tyler Florence are no longer on T.V. (Robin Miller of Quick Fix Meals just doesn't have the same effect), so I'm going to do find something else to do now. Like shower. I might even take the time to shave my legs! CRAZY! That's me! I'm 29 now! One year til 30. It's time to start writing that post NOW!


Jodi said...

Happy Birthday. Honestly, you need some more

Z said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And here's to some more coffee and Baileys! ;)

your other aunt said...

Happy Birthday! My card's in the mail...really.
Guess you should have gotten the Bailey's at Christmas instead of GreatGrandma!
Have "four or five"!!

Lainey-Paney said...

Happy Birthday!

I love traveling....I haven't been anywhere since the Spring, and I'm itching to go somewhere.

HRH said...

I am still so bitter about not winning the Dream House in Winter Park last year that I will actually shed a tear for you (knowing EXACTLY how you feel) when I am sitting in my new house in the Keys. I really will invite you any time you want to come. I hate to be such a downer on your birthday, but sometimes the truth is difficult. And if by some crazy twist of fate (evil fate) I am not awarded my just prize, I hope it is you--Happy Birthday!