December 23, 2007

Twas Two Nights Before Christmas- A Guest Blog

Here it is...the Guest Blog from my Sister...without further ado:

Twas two nights before Christmas,
And all through the land
“Noddy” was playing
On Sprout on Demand

The children were sprawled
In front of Thomas the Train
While visions of Sodor
Filled up their brains

They played and they sang
And they squealed and ran races
They were all very happy
You could see it in their faces

The grown ups were standing
And watching this scene
While sipping martinis
With olives of green

When in the family room
We heard such a cry
We dropped our glasses
To see what had gone awry

And what greeted us there
Was a terrible sight
The kids were upset
And they were starting to fight

“Mine! Gordon.” “Mine! Thomas”
“Mine! James.” “Mine! Percy.”
“Mine! Salty.” “Mine! Edward.”
“Mine! Clarabel.” “Mine! Annie.”

The youngest was sobbing
He was shrieking and sad
And his cousin was hitting,
And just being bad

Then my sister-in-law looked at me
And she said
“You need to punish your son,
Or send him to bed.”

Something inside me snapped
And I heard myself shout
“Don’t you dare try to put
My kid in time out!”

My sister cried out
That we should calm the hell down
As our husbands decided
To go out on the town

Grandma and grandpa
Were sore and worn out
They were angry and distressed
After hearing us shout

Once we all settled down
We put the kids in their jammies
We read them a story
And they said good night to their grammies

We sat down on the couch
Figuring a stiff drink was our right
And we talked about doing it all again
On Christmas Eve night!


HRH said...

Some one needs a blog of her own for Christmas...It was great fun! Thanks.

mrlambini said...

Wow, with all this on-site reporting and talk of murder and mayhem, we can't wait until next year...

"Cocktail glasses will be heavy, filled up to their brims,
To help Moms and Dads cope with separation of limbs,
Oh! The Holidays are here! How Nice it will be!,
To have NINE little creatures under the tree!"

Kesler Crew said...

That was really great! I bet you guys are having lots of fun together, and if not it sure sounds like there is NEVER a dull moment! ;)

Rachael said...

So, does your SIL read your blog?

Merry Christmas!

HRH said...

m2b--you have to blog soon...I am too lazy to stalk you in person!