January 1, 2008

Get On With It Already

I've decided, once and for all, that New Year's is my least favorite of Holiday's. I can't bring myself to stay up until Midnight, and am RUDELY awoken at 12:05am by my neighborhood boys setting off fireworks. Then, I have to spend the entire day on the 1st trying to avoid the Rose Parade. Gag. Hate. It. Is that Un-American? I find it ridiculous. I find it annoying. I find it completely useless and a COMPLETE waste of money. What other things could all that money be spent on? Food for the Hungry, funding SCHIP, Cancer Research. Nothing really important. Certainly not as important as gaudy floats decorated with flowers and other decaying pieces of organic, natural products. Sounds pleasant, right?! Quick, run to the T.V.! You're missing it!

Moving on...

DJ has finally emerged from the bedroom. I think he's going to make it. He just propositioned me to make him a glass of tea, and I politely told him to kiss my ass. I've been waiting on him hand and foot for two days and it's now his turn to take care of himself. Happy New Year. I still have an (Almost!) 3 year old and a 4 month old to take care of. Not to mention myself. I have much EBaying to do today and can't be bothered by his tea drinking needs. Just kidding. EBay and I are on a break for the time being. We needed to distance ourselves from each other for a while.

OMG, he just turned back to the Rose Parade. Gag. Again.

It's time to move on. To look ahead to the upcoming year. To go to the grocery store and stock up on all of the things we've run out of in the past few days. To do laundry. To get Kissmas put away once and for all. To vacuum. To make some more cheap jewelry before my beautiful Swarovski crystals get here. To Blog. To donate to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital to make up for all the frivolity associated with the Rose Parade. To change diapers. To disinfect.

OMG, he just turned back to the Rose Parade. Gag. Again.

One last time, before I move on, Happy New Year! May 2008 hold great things for you. May it finally be the year you ACTUALLY keep your New Years Resolutions. May you win the Publisher's Clearing House $5,000 a week for the rest of your life (& share it with me). May you come visit me in my HGTV Dream House in the Keys (Sorry, HRH, but it's MINE). May you look even more beautiful while wearing my jewelry. :0)


Kesler Crew said...

You know I am having TONS of fun hanging out in my hospital room with all 24 of my TV channels, 5 of which are ESPN. Why, I ask, would they do this to a woman on extended hospital bed rest? It was a stuggle today with all the football games on the regular channels and yes the stupid parade! It's a good thing some of my dear girlfriends decided to bail me out of my misery by suprising me with visits. It would have certainly been intollerable! Happy New Year! :-)

HRH said...

I glanced up and accidently saw one float in the parade and said, "that is so ugly!" Someone paid a lot of money to have millions of beautiful flowers mutilated to make a flying car that looked like a 7 yr old made it. Weird. I have to agree that it makes no sense...if you are going to host a parade, do it in subzero temps on Thanksgiving day! Now that is a parade I went to. Oh well, we can complain constantly on our porch in the Keys when HGTV declares the first "dual winners" of the dream house. It really is big enough for both of us. Excuse me while I go register...