January 5, 2008

No Links, Just Pictures

OH MY. I spent the day picking up/cleaning the kitchen and moving the Kissmas stuff out to the garage. I even hand washed dishes, DRIED them, and PUT THEM AWAY!

Here's what my sink looks like right now.

And my Island.

Wha?! Where is the Meghan you all know and love?! Where has she gone and who is this neat, tidy woman who has replaced her?

Have no fear. This is what the chair in my living room looks like right now.

So that I don't have to leave you with that image, here are some recent shots of the boyz.

Zach has found his tongue. He makes some obscene gestures with it. I might nickname him Gene Simmons.

Oh, and a large assortment of my Swarovski crystals came today. It was quite a lesson in restraint to not widdle away my day making stuff with them. I have refrained and will start that tonight while we watch Superbad. SO. EXCITED.


Jodi said...

those babies are just too cute!

HRH said...

I could just stare at your sink all day...oh, the kids are cute too. But my favorite part is the chair. I should go take a picture of the closet I stuffed everything into before people came over last night...or the masterbedroom closet...or the garage...the possiblities are endless. So fun.