January 7, 2008

A Guest Blog for the Scrapbooks

I have a Guest Blogger today. Remember the last one? It was witty, clever and funny. Well, this one blows that one out of the water. Sorry, sis. The truth hurts sometimes!

Without further ado,


0000/. llol'







Brilliant! Insightful! HI-larious! Oh, good lord, who IS the author that could possibly write such amazing, moving things?

I love the way he's all intellectual looking. Like he can't be bothered with cleaning the peanut butter off his mouth or brushing his hair because he has IMPORTANT things to jot down before he forgets them. He needs to be sure he can share them with the world, so as to make it a teeny, tiny bit better. Pushing the "buttons" especially the FIVE button is just too important. JUST. TOO. IMPORTANT.


Quart said...

That damn kid is ALWAYS stealing my thunder.

pappa-ooma-al said...

He has your gift.