January 12, 2008

Gak! Where'd I Put My Drill? I NEED My Drill!

OMG, people. I just watched Grey's Anatomy. No time to type. I can't waste time talking to you (I love you, though, I really do!). I've got to find my drill, and screws, and those molly thingies, and straps! Things to attach EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE in this house to the wall. To the studs. To make sure nothing will fall over on my children. Oh, the horrors.

But first, a few more thoughts:

Derek, What the FRACK? He's all "Oh, Meredith, I LOVE you, You're the love of my life. I want to build a house and have babies with you and look at you all dreamy eyed for the rest of my life" and then the next day he's all "Oh, Rose. Do you want to go out to dinner? Meredith? Meredith who?" WHAT THE FRACK. That's annoying.

Are Erica & Callie going to become Lesbian Lovers? I'm just saying.

And most importantly, what the hell happened to Joe? He was a story line last season (speaking of gay lovers) and he's no where to be seen so far this year. What the Hell?

Dude. Writers Guild, Schmiters Guild. They need me to whip that damn show back into shape.

AAK! I'm off to drill! And screw!


Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE Grey's, and while I still watch it, now I'm like you - all "What the Hell?"


Good luck with the drilling ;)

Jodi said...

blah. i want to know what happened to joe too.

during the show i was practically shoving my husband into the boys room to attach their toy and book shelves to the wall.... to scary!

seriously what is up with derek? i'm so tired me of him and meredith. i wouldn't be suprised if meredith and rose become lovers, the way the show is going....