January 13, 2008

Could you BE any more annoying?

You know that part in "Dumb & Dumber" where they make the "Most Annoying Sound In the World"?

Zach has come up with his own version.

He does it ALL THE TIME. He's pretty tickled with himself.


Angie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Another fellow blogger outnumbered and out-testosteroned in her house. I love this noise. Makes me miss babies. I love how it makes him cough. All I get is the most annoying "MOOO-OM! HE HIT ME!" whine all day long.

Kellan said...

How adorable!!! They do love to hear themselves "talk" don't they? He's a cutie!

Thanks for coming over - nice to see you and I hope to see you again soon. Kellan

Casdok said...

Kids do know how to get to you dont they!!

HRH said...

that is very impressive!