January 20, 2008

Seriously? Can an (Almost!) 3 Year Old Really Be That Bull Headed?

We thought we had totally figured out how to get Dylan to use the potty. We talked it up big time. He was excited! He was thrilled! He couldn't wait to go to "Toys Is Us"! A Thomas Set! For when he goes pee pee & poop on the potty! He talked about it! He brought it up when we hadn't been talking about it, which means he THOUGHT about it. YES! You can have a Thomas Set when you go on the potty! It's worth a GAZILLION Thomas Sets to us!

So, what happened when we got to "Toys Is Us" to pick out the Set? He was thrilled! He was excited! He picked out "this one. I need this one." when he found the pieces he wanted. And then reality hit. This is how it all went down:

DJ: Are you sure, that's the one you want?

Dylan: Yes. I need this one.

DJ: Okay, I'll buy you that one, but you only get to play with it when you go poop on the potty.

Dylan: Looks at toy. Looks at DJ. "Oh. You can put it back. I don't want that one."

DJ: Really, you don't want this one?

Dylan: "No. I don't want it. I don't want that one." Puts it down and picks up another one, after much consideration. "I want this one, Daddy. I need this one."

DJ: That one? That's the one you want. Are you sure?

Dylan: Yes. I want this one.

DJ: Okay, I'll buy you that one, but you can only play with it when you use the potty.

Dylan: Oh...No, I don't want that one. I don't want it. I don't want to (use the potty).

It went on like that for another few minutes. He'd pick another toy out, with much excitement, and then, once he realized that the new toy, like all the others, required use of the potty, he'd put it back and not want it anymore. He never even got upset. He didn't complain or whine. He just pretty much said "Eff this, mom & dad- I don't want to use the freakin potty and there's NOTHING you can do to change my mind. Suck it."

So, we're back to waiting patiently for him to decide it's time. This could take forever. I have visions of him being 15 and still needing a diaper change. Seriously. It scares me. He's THAT stubborn.

On another note, we were heading to "Home Beepo," his second favorite place after "Toys Is Us," and he was thoroughly entertaining us talking about seeing the fork lifts. Every time he said it it would sound like he was saying "F*ck This" which, ironically, is pretty much what he'd been saying to us the whole time we were at "Toys Is Us." Come to think of it, maybe that IS what he was saying.


HRH said...

Good luck. My bull headed first born held his poop and pee ransom for ever escalating demands. I loved a 3 y/o saying to me, "Mommy, I will poop on the potty if you give me ________ (insert ridiculous request here)". My second was like yours, we got the digger Thomas train that he was dreaming of that I let him hold each time he tried to go potty saying, "if you just go it is yours" and he would politely hand it back and go pee in his pants. God help me on the 3rd. Oh, and that whole Dr. Phil potty training in one day...hahahahaha...that got him a nasty email from a certain TX mom.

Jodi said...

i have two boys -- nine and five. they are potty trained. the first one was like yours. i tried everything and he was just like your son. didn't care. didn't care what the bribe was or anything. we FOUGHT and i was HORRIBLE. i finally let it go at about 3 1/2 years old. when he turned four I said "enough" and it took two days. with the second boy I just waited until he was four. honestly i thought they would be forty before they'd use the potty, but it will happen, i promise. just. let. it. go.

much easier said then done.

Kesler Crew said...

You know your blog posts keep me entertained......

I started to laugh out loud when reading this blog entry and then thought I better not - I will have 3 at the same time to potty train.... Again I say, what have I gotten myself in to?!? ;)

A Mom Two Boys said...

HRH & Jodi...Say what? You're not making me feel better! I think I'm going to cry. I need a drink.

KC- There's an evil laugh in my head right now. Hopefully by the time the boys are old enough to be potty trained there will be some new miracle system for it.

Quart said...

Remember when Will was almost 16 months old and I was convinced he'd be crawling across the stage at his high school graduation because he refused to walk? Yup. Dylan will be just fine. Makes me hope for a girl tomorrow, though! Boys are stinkers. Good luck, Hope!

Christy said...

Kids are tough. My family keeps asking me when I am going to start potty training Porgie, but there is no way in hell I am going to even attempt it any time soon. I am thinking we'll definitely have her trained by age 15 though.

Kellan said...

Toys is us - to cute!! They are so much smarter than we ever imagined they would be - aren't they? Have you tried buying all the cool character little boy underwear - that helps (some) and also using a "star" chart with rewards - that's how I finally got my son trained (at 3 also). Good luck and I'll see you soon. Cute post! Kellan

Lainey-Paney said...

oh, you have me laughing.
THAT sounds just like our little guy, Gage.
He is refusing to poop in the potty too!

JCK said...

Don't stress too much on the potty training. Boys can be much later. We waited until our BOY was 3 years 2 months old. Then we just put him in underwear and let him have accidents. He had very few and when he did we just said, "that's O.K., everyone has accidents" and didn't make a big deal about it. It really worked and he was potty trained within a week. He still has an occasional accident, but it is heaven having no diapers around! (GIRL trained earlier, but she had him to copy for motivation/competition.) Good luck!!