May 1, 2008

Friday "Recipe" 5-2-08

I teased you about it yesterday. I know it's been occupying your thoughts. Every waking moment, you've been wondering, just dying to know, WHAT my crazy dinner concoction was. What titillating bit of food wizardry am I going to throw your way this time? Well, my dears, without further ado, here you go:

Soft Tacos. I KNOW! I'm awesome. Something totally new, cutting edge, trendy. But these aren't just any soft tacos. They're special. Special Soft Tacos. That's what they are. Just for you. Meg's Special Soft Tacos.

Here's what you need:

1 lb. ground beef (or turkey if you so desire)
Taco Seasoning
1 package burrito size flour tortillas
1 package pre-shredded cheese
1 package Fresh Express Salsa Ensalada Supreme

Other items you may wish to have on hand:

Hot Sauce
Taco Sauce

Here's what to do:

Brown the meat & season according to package directions.
Warm the tortillas for 1 minute in the microwave, between wet paper towels
Mix ONLY the Lettuce and the Salad Dressing

Now, make your tacos! My prep went like this:

Tortilla with meat. Followed by cheese (so it can melt). Followed by lettuce w/ dressing. Followed by tortilla strips, salsa, taco sauce & hot sauce (or whatever combination of this you so choose.) Simply replace the meat with beans and/or rice and you've got a yummy, flavorful veggie soft taco/burrito type thingy. Couldn't be any easier...and the best part?! The salad dressing isn't THAT fattening. At least not as fattening as other salad dressings.

There you have it! Okay. So I know that now that I've BLOWN YOUR MINDS with my ingenious combination of soft taco/burrito/salad, you're wondering just how I came up with this idea. It's simple enough. The grocery store had a coupon for $4.00 off your purchase if you picked up ground beef, shredded cheese, a salad kit and a pack of tortillas. $4.00 is a nice savings right now, what with blasted grocery prices being so high, so I hopped on it. As I got the lettuce out for the soft tacos and the salad out to have with the tacos, I thought to myself "Self, why use two different lettuces? Why not just use the Salsa Ensalada Supreme Salad as the lettuce for your taco's and kill two birds with one stone?" "Why SELF!" I exclaimed (in my head) "That's a FABULOUS idea!" and another meal was born unto my household. Plus, I even REMEMBERED to use the coupon when I got to the grocery checkout, so double score!

I must leave you now. But don't forget to read my post from yesterday. It's filled with lots of stuff that's probably only funny if you were there for it and none of you were. Well, maybe a couple of you were, but most of you weren't. So, it might not be funny. But I do request your advice and I know how much you love giving advice.


HRH said...

Finally, something that I can actually do. Well, if you skip that whole "remember to give the coupon to the cahier" thing. Yummmmy. I love me some tacos.

FYI--I think I am done commenting on your last post, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Greta&Kiki said...

Tacos are the ONE thing both of my kids will eat with no complaints until their plates are clean. (and the floor is a mess of shredded cheese and burger bits ;)

Cassey said...

I have non picky eaters. But they will not eat regular tacos. They will chicken tacos and fish tacos. I like your blog. It's a good read.

Quart said...

Did you just give us a recipe for tacos that didn't include Ranch dressing? And you remembered to use a coupon at the checkout? What have you done with my sister?

Tacos are the greatest - I just have to be sure my turkey meat is cooked before Travis comes home so he can at least pretend it's ground beef.

JCK said...


Z said...

mmmmmmmmm - tacos!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You forgot the lime juice! (And the tequila.)

Jennifer H said...

Well, now I'm hungry!